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[3-Way Trade] Lightning acquire David Savard, Brian Lashoff; Blue Jackets acquire 2021 1st-round pick (TB), 2022 3rd-round pick (TB); Red Wings acquire 2021 4th-round pick

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3 hours ago, 24K PureCool said:

The loophole comes in during the playoffs (or after the trade deadline?) where the there is no more cap. So essentially teams can trade players on ltir or have their star players on ltir and miraculously be ready for play in the playoffs that would put said team way above the cap. 

Essentially what Tampa is trying to pull this off season.

The 23 player roster limit is lifted after the TDL but the salary cap still applies till the end of the regular season.


Canucks also tried to pull that off last season.  They used LTIR to add Toffoli and if everyone was healthy to finish the season they would have been in cap trouble.  Markstrom went on LTIR to finish the regular season.  They had that long break and directly went into the post-season.  They would have been in cap trouble if the regular season had continued as the pause allowed players to heal and come off LTIR.


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7 hours ago, Warhippy said:

Amazingly done bit of cap management by the bolts on this.


But I'm curious how people can make every single movement in this league in to a non stop whine or complaint against the Canucks and still claim to be a fan of the team.


Seems like life might be too short to spend the entirety of it finding new ways to be upset all the time

Some folks have really lost the plot haven't they?

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