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Will the recent Covid issues stop the Canucks from working the Trade deadline?

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Honestly, I don't think Covid has changed their trade deadline approach.  I'm sure Benning would've liked to have made the team better but we're pretty capped out.  Pearson was resigned.  They were never going to trade Motte, Hamonic and Edler were doubtful to waive, and there's a large group of players that have negative trade value.  So Covid issues may have prevented a Benn flip.  That's about it.

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1 hour ago, Junkyard Dog said:

Nope. Quiet TD probably. Maybe Benn. 

pretty much this. 


I respect Jim's decision to let the others just focus on health and family. 


3 hours ago, Fanuck said:

Well JB just said yesterday that he wouldn't want to put his players and their families through that at this time .  He wants them to focus on their recovery,  not stressing about being traded. 


That said he also stated that he'd be 'working the phonelines' and taking calls as usual so there's mixed messages for sure.

he might mean for taking on some players for picks, not moving anyone. 

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Here's what we'll hear from Benning:

- "I think we will be able to make better deals at the draft"

And he will not make any trades at the draft. When questioned he will say:

- "The value wasn't there, I think we will find trade partners in the offseason when the dust settles"

And he will not make any trades in the offseason. When questioned he will say:


- "I think we will make trades at the trade deadline. That's when we will be able to acquire picks and young players"

And he will not make any trades at the trade deadline, but re-sign his tradable players to bad contracts. 

And the cycle will continue as it has for 6 years. 

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The Covid outbreak obscures a lot but it’s really looking like the team wants to give it an honest effort to make the playoffs down the stretch.  

Part 2 would be to head into next year treating this year as an anomalous hiccup - refresh the bottom 6, shuffle the D and get back to the playoffs. 

Doesn’t feel like they agree with those that think this year is the best the young core can do. 

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20 minutes ago, playboi19 said:

If I was another GM, there is no way in hell i'm going to trade for a member of the Canucks.


With our recent covid outbreak I wouldn't blame them.

Fair enough but, like the Pearson extension, looking at it in isolation or in a vacuum its understandable. But looking it at it in totality of Benning's tenure as the Canucks GM it's just going to be another record added to his past failures during the trade deadline and years of either not acquiring draft picks or giving them away.


Basically Benning is guy running a corporation like a mom and pop shop or a branch manager for a used car dealership.


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