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[Trade] Canucks trade Adam Gaudette to Blackhawks for Matthew Highmore

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I liked Highmore for the Blackhawks against the Oilers in the bubble. With that said, the value on this deal is quite low. 


I don't mind the fact that he was moved, but at least he was showing that at worst he could contribute offense from the bottom 6 with his shot and finishing. He could have found a role here, even if it was lower than the 3C spot we were hoping for. 


As it stands right now, the Canucks lost value on this deal. This leads me to believe that it had more to do with shipping out Gaudette than it did with bringing in Highmore. Whether that's because management didn't feel he was dedicated enough, he wasn't fitting in the locker room or he has shown careless behavior away from hockey (COVID) is all just speculation right now. I wouldn't be surprised if he does light it up in Chicago, for a short time at least. 


I'm not sure where Highmore fits in next year. On LW, we have Pearson locked in, one of Podkolzin or Hoglander, Roussel, Motte and Highmore. Miller could also go back to LW on the lotto line as well. Hopefully that means a trade is coming, namely moving Roussel. 

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35 minutes ago, ruilin96 said:

I no longer believe the vision/team Benning is trying to build, and I want a change in management.

Everyone's tune will change when he lands McDavid in exchange for Sutter, though

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2 minutes ago, canuck2288 said:

The best Dim Jim can get for a hobey baker winner is an undrafted  no name smurf? 

Winning the HB doesn't mean too much.  Wonder why Krog, Sejna, Lessard, Sertich, Duncan, Portor, Geoffrion, Miele, Connolly, and Bonin aren't in the hall of fame...

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5 minutes ago, stawns said:

you don't think, based on the video and the fact he was likely the first player infected, that there's some smoke there?  

Don't care. Covid will covid. Blaming a guy for doing something that is allowed under both health orders, and team rules, is extremely wrong.

2 minutes ago, tkanuk said:

If you think this is about Gauds bringing Covid to the team, stop it. You’re being very silly. 

I think this was about a large part of the 'fan" base being unable to let go of the very damaging narrative of this outbreak being Gaud's fault.

The next few years of Gauds playing here would have absolutely been brutal for the guy.


Canucks are a huge supporter of mental health, so they did the correct thing and moved the guy out of this carpstorm.


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11 minutes ago, Provost said:

Then get a 6th round pick, an unsigned prospect, or just waive Gaudette.


Bringing back a contract spot is worse if the rationale is that Lind is ready.

Exactly...that's why I'm stumped by this , unless they want Highmore in Utica ( we need centers in the a) I am excited to see what lind can do in his spot.

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2 minutes ago, brbetts542 said:

Stop worrying about gaudettes 2019-20 point total so much and maybe worry about the fact he’s been the most sheltered player in the nhl for a reason. Deep breaths kiddos

ding ding, this dude was out scored 3/1 this year. and is a -26 in 148 games

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Just now, J-Dizzle said:

‘Tried wearing 96 which you can’t do in Vancouver because of Bure, then he thought he was Eric Lindros moving to 88... it was time to move on from this guy’ 

classic juice may he do TV forever

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Just saw this painful reminder on Sportsnet ... the Canucks last 5 years - 13th, 13th, 14th, 12th, West semis.


How does GMJB still have a job?!


Love the team. Hate the management. 

Oh and still don’t like Gaudette trade.

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9 minutes ago, stawns said:

you don't think, based on the video and the fact he was likely the first player infected, that there's some smoke there?  

The Canucks have already officially refuted that the infected individual did anything wrong, so if any part of ownership/management's decision to trade Gaudette had to do with turning sour on him because he contracted COVID, they aren't rational or competent thinkers and shouldn't be in their positions. As much as people dislike Benning, I don't think that's the case.

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