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[Trade] Canucks trade Adam Gaudette to Blackhawks for Matthew Highmore

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Just now, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said:

Yikes! First impressions are not good.


Not knocking Highmore, and he’s a Canuck, so I’ll soon learn to love him (like every player that wears our colours), but this seems like a bad trade.


Gaudette is only one year off a 33 points in 59 game season. He just figured out his dietary issues, and likely will be able to get bigger and strong over the coming years. Has proven a lot more than Highmore, and is a better bet to be the superior NHLer long term.


Feels line a trade we will regret. Only question is how much?

minimal would be my guess.  If this is a covid move, he likely wasn't going to be well received back in the room

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1 minute ago, VegasCanuck said:

Parallel move of 2 struggling players.


This is both teams selling low on a player

Gaudette had 33 points last year. Look at Highmores career production. This is  only the Canucks selling low. 

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Just now, coryberg said:

I think this is more about the team being pissed that Gaudette breached covid protocol and gotbthem sick. Cut out the cancer

Yes, let's make serious accusations towards the player without any evidence as soon as we trade him.

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Just now, stawns said:

though I wouldn't use this year as the standard, but Gaudette didn't look like an NHL player this season.  I think it's pretty obvious why JB got rid of him asap for anything he could get

He had a stomach issue

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Just now, bertspissedoff said:

Can't help but think this is the result of cap crunch from signing a whole bunch of plugs like roussel, Sutter, and of course Eriksson

But according to Jimbo we don’t have Cap problems 

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Wouldn’t it have been better to just waive Gaudette than take on a contract spot?


An undrafted, undersized winger with no offence as the return seems worse than nothing.


I can’t believe there wasn’t a 3rd round pick to be had at least.


Cue the apologists suddenly saying that Gaudette was bad in the room and the Covid thing was at fault.  Public health and the doctors said that the outbreak wasn’t due to anyone breaking rules.


There have been much better players than Highmore on waivers.  He is a crappier version of Hawyrluk level.

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