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The Real reason for picking up Madison Bowey, not what you think. And a Clarification

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7 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Former Kelowna Rockets drafted in the last 10 years who are still active:




C. Foote

D. Dube





That's a pretty strong track record of development.

rockets are a good organication they are top notch  i got scouted by them when they were in tacoma

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1 hour ago, Arrow 1983 said:

In the Beginning of the Season Utica was not playing so they decided to keep him on the couch instead of practicing and developing him with the big boys.

re-entry waivers is a thing

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1 hour ago, Arrow 1983 said:

Why do people Like Lind this is a real question


22 years old, 6 1 186 pound which makes him a twig, We do not need another Brandon Sutter on this team. 


Has not gotten into an NHL game. And he played in the WHL where thy are not cranking out that many good players in the last little while. I personally would pick someone other than an WHL player. OHL or USHL is developing far better players I would say in the last 10 years at least




Sutter is a good player who got hit by injuries playing in Vancouver. He’s a staple bottom 6 centre. You need guys like that to cement the defensive element of a team. Also pops in a few goals now and again and doesn’t drag his line mates down.

When Beagle (and beagle may be out for good now) and Sutter are gone we have no defensive centres in the pipeline. Lind may not end up playing there and might end up back on the wing but he fills a need, and looks good enough as well.

Yes he is transitioning into a centre and having to learn the defensive aspects so it’s not a dead curtain but you need players like your Sutters and Beagles to win, albeit on price controlled contracts. 


Not every prospect is or has to be a top line potential, having a prospect be a solid bottom 6 player is just as important 

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1 hour ago, billabong said:

they can still draft him to gain his UFA rights ahead of the free agency period



its actually the other way around right? they get 48 hours before the draft

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4 hours ago, Arrow 1983 said:

Virtanen is a more proven player.


There are better RFAs for Seattle to pick. Seattle is limited to how many UFA and RFAs they can protect

He's proven, if anything to be a floater.  If you get outhustled for a playoff roster spot by an undrafted signee and then stop trying, it doesn't matter that you're a 1st round pick with league experience and had a breakout regular season (worse if you follow it up with the season he's having).  In a league as cutthroat as the NHL, you're not going to make it in the long run based on "draft pedigree" alone if you aren't regularly contributing, or at best he'll be regularly changing teams instead of being a mainstay.    

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5 hours ago, Arrow 1983 said:

Three words, Seattle Expansion draft.


According to Capfriendly, Rules for Defenseman 


  • under contract in 2021-22, AND
  • played in 27 or more NHL games last season, OR
  • played in 54 or more NHL games in the last two seasons


Madison Bowey, point 1 check, point 2 no check, point 3 check. He doesn't even have to play a game for the Canucks to qualify 


Prior to this trade, either Schmidt or Myers would have had to be unprotected. This way JB can protect them both now and 1 other my guess Juolevi.


One Clarification. 


I think there is a misconception around the expansion draft. So here is just a quick clarification on something I have notice,


Just because players fall under the Criteria for, Minimum Exposure Requirements, doesn't mean Seattle has to pick one of those guys the key word is Minimum.


For example the Canucks, protect 


1 Goalie 


3 dman

Schmidt Myers Juolevi


Horvat, EP, Miller, Pearson, Virtanen, Boeser, and Motte


Unprotected, Minimum Exposure Requirements at this point


1 Goalie


1 Dman 


There is 4 forwards 2 are required

Eriksson, Beagle, Roussel and Highmore 


Seattle doesn't have to pick any of them. They could go with Chatfield, Or Kole Lind both will be RFA, or Vesey and he is a UFA there are rules about how many of these Seattle can pick but they can pick him if they want. Or they Can pick MacEwen who is under contract but might not meet the Minimum Exposure Requirements









Lol, thanks tips. I had no idea. 

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5 hours ago, drummerboy said:

I’m protecting Lind before Virtanen personally.  
But the Bowey thing makes sense. 

Agree! Who T F  in their right mind would protect Lazy Jake let alone Beagle.   My guess is the Canucks beg Seattle to take Lazy Jakes deadwood contract off their hands.

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5 hours ago, Phil_314 said:

Exactly.  Virtanen should not be an automatic protect, he's proven nothing this season besides his inconsistency.

He a waste of time and energy.  The lazy Jake experiment went bust after last year.  Too bad JB didn't use his head and keep TT instead - who is Montreal's top point man with almost 10 times the point output as Lazy Jake - and all that for roughly an extra $1.5M. 


What was JB thinking ?????

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5 hours ago, Arrow 1983 said:

I am not a Virtanen fan but I think he is worth something. I would not want to see him go for nothing

My guess he's unloaded deep in one of the far southeast teams where he can cause no further damage and quietly disappear for a 7th rounder or future considerations.  He's pretty well worthless with just one or two more points than some goalies in the league this year.  That tell you what he's really worth!

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4 hours ago, Arrow 1983 said:

This is not where I thought this post would go. Thanks a lot here I am defending my opinion on Lind and Virtanen as assets and I do not even like Virtanen 

No one likes Lazy Jake anymore after 45 chances to prove himself and he's still floating around out there like he's waiting to get to the Roxy.   He's a total BUST!

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5 hours ago, Arrow 1983 said:

he is 22 and never played an NHL game 


Green is willing to let young guys play Hoglander 


But Lind I guess Green does not like him, or Lind has not shown Green a reason to put him in the line up

Hoglander is probably the most gifted athlete on the Canucks. Not player, allthough he's good, athlete...


The guy never runs out of puff. Explodes out of puck battles, strength & balance to hold off big guys trying to hang on him. Still controlling the puck. Agility to leave all but the fittest and fastest with tangled jock straps.    


Lind is a very ''skilled'' hockey player.  Maybe more so? Gets credit from me for busting his ass. I still doubt he ever competes with Hogz.

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8 hours ago, Arrow 1983 said:

True he got time in the top 6 


True he got time in the top 6 well the team was playing bad.


He is not a game changer but he is worth more than nothing


Lind has proven nothing

I'm pretty sure Virtanen is worth less than nothing because of his contract, which means he has negative value like Eriksson for example. Don't think many teams want that contract even for free.

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Nobody’s taking Myers and if they did it would be a huge favour for us. So protecting him would be another case of mismanagement. His contract is all he needs to protect him same as holtby and Pearson. 

we will be losing a quality young player to Seattle 

due to mismanagement and lack of foresight. 
only way we don’t is if Dim pays Seattle with a pick to take who he wants which would probably still be a young player knowing Dim.



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10 hours ago, King Heffy said:

This is obviously the reason.  Moving back a few spots deep into a draft where scouting is going to be very difficult is a small price to pay.

Given that teams give up high draft picks and/or decent players the last time around. It looks like a good move. 

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There is an 100% chance Seattle doesn't take Myers if he's unprotected. We should have exposed him instead of trading for Bowey.


We had a really good opportunity to add a defenceman from another team, but Benning is too arrogant/stupid to realize no one is going to want Myers' terrible deal and is going to protect him because of his own ego.

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