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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Toronto Maple Leaves | April 18 | SNP

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2 minutes ago, grandmaster said:

Really. So you have to turn this to a sexist post? Wow. Get a life

You did that all on your own pal. 

Maybe you don’t have a lot of experience with women but I find they don’t take kindly to being accused of being over-emotional and told to think logically, especially when they are experienced at their job and are hearing this from some clown who is “well actually” commenting on one of the most exciting wins of the season. 

You might not have meant it that way but use your brain. 

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It’s not over til it’s over! We get some goalies playing stellar and some players making simple easy plays like some trappin New Jersey devils of old , maybe we save some energy and gain some confidence? String some wins together here an there and BAM! We sneak in the dance!

Sinister i tell ya!  Then? Who knows!

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10 minutes ago, Canucklehead53 said:

There were quite a few "reporters" suggesting none of the remaining Canucks game matter so just end their season and give point % :metal:

Aye, tell that to the players and the fans... :)


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