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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Toronto Maple Leaves | April 18 | SNP

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33 minutes ago, kilgore said:


Knowing the history of the disciplinary department I wouldn't be surprised if they give one game for the infraction, and tack on one more just for wearing the blue and green.



Called it!





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Edler shoulda got 2 minutes on the play. There was 0 predatory aspect to that... It was very unfortunate for Hyman, hopefully he'll be ok


I'm surprised Juice didn't defend him in the intermission... when asked what he thought, Kevin legit paused and was about to say what he really thought... but he realized he's on TV and lots of SJW out there... deep down inside I know KB3 thought it shoulda been 2 min as well :wub:


I loved it tho, it absolutely fired me up... to see the boys PK like they did :towel:


Leafs got lucky and capitalized on a broken play to score at the end of it... didn't care though. Momentum was swung. David had struck back despite Goliath getting additional help (in the form of a gifted 5 min major)


Probably one of the best regular season game's we'll ever see. The story line simply can not be duplicated.


I'd pay one trillion hoge dollars to have been a fly on the wall for the speech Greener gave the boys to rev em up... 


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1 hour ago, kilgore said:


What would have happened if McJesus made a knee on knee the same night, would probably have saved Edler any suspension.

ie.  They'd have to reduce Conner's to a fine, so they'd have no leg to stand on, pun intended :ph34r:, when it came to Edler.


A fine only for Conner for this predatory elbow on Kotkaniemi, a couple of weeks ago, skating half way across the ice to lay this on an unsuspecting player without the puck.






Don't worry. There's no bias in the NHL so they obviously got this one correct. What a joke.

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4 hours ago, 73 Percent said:

Who skates with their knee out like that lol. What's the purpose of it. Cant be efficient.

 If you don't understand the correlation between wide stance and base of support, google it.


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6 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

He was still celebrating his goal.  "Hey dude, the game's over you can go back to the hotel now"




"But coach, I didn't hear my alarm"


Crazy. And he didn't even "Have two Stanley Cups, wringing in his ears" 

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14 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:




Makes me wonder if they intend to cheap-shot our players in retaliation for an unfortunate reactive play by Edler. This may a way of protecting their princess.

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