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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Toronto Maple Leaves | April 18 | SNP

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32 minutes ago, xereau said:


There's a 30 foot tall bronze monument which is nothing more than a giant finger in the eye to the corruption and incompetence of the league out front of the arena.


It's no wonder the league acts this way.


I do not condone the waiving of a white flag in surrender, ever, even in jest.

If the league weren't actually corrupt, then it shouldn't matter. By displaying the bias, they confirm their corruption.

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32 minutes ago, EternalCanuckFan said:

Lind should have completed his 2-week quarantine by now so I assume there's a very good chance he's in the line-up given how many players are still not expected to have completed protocol by Friday.


28 minutes ago, Alienhuggyflow said:

It's only a 7 day now

IIRC, the government updated it to 1 week quarantine given the NHL is doing consistent, daily testing etc

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Interesting interview with Dixon Ward just now.


Started off funny - they were talking about head injuries then asked him about when he played.  His response:  "did I play?".  He said it's a good thing things are changing (and he should know!).


Touched on Madison Bowey (Dixon's in the Okanagan running hockey schools) - said he followed him in Kelowna and he'll be an asset here.  "Big strong guy".


Also on Gaudette and how those not in the top 6 have to adjust and find their niche.  That there's so much talent in top 6's these days that even 40 goal scorers may have to adapt and find other strength/ways to contribute to a team.  That those players (#7-11 fwds) aren't in a position of strength to negotiate their "role" and have to be role "players" and do what the coach needs them to.  It isn't always about scoring, but developing into a specialist in other areas...face offs, whatever (although he said depth scoring should kick in a goal every other game and those guys have to contribute in that regard).  It was interesting...in hearing Gaud wanted more of a top role maybe this was part of it all.  That there just wasn't a spot for him in that role but they were trying to see if he could play different roles.  He said it isn't even about playing good defensively - that all forwards have to have that as a foundational skill now.  That d isn't really a role, it's just a part of everyone's game on a well rounded team.


It was a good take.

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