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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Toronto Maple Leaves | April 18 | SNP

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36 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

I hope that Edmonton is at least a little sympathetic to our situation and go a bit easy on us.


I wouldn’t blame the players if they skated around half speed tomorrow and didn’t even touch the puck. Just make a joke out of the whole laughable situation. 

Demko or Holtby should just step out of the net when a shot is made just to give an F U to the league.

The Canucks should just play with an empty net.  Maybe tip the net over like in shinny.

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15 minutes ago, Jack Fig said:

I really can't believe they're going ahead with this. If Edmonton doesn't let up on Friday, they'll beat the Canucks by a dozen goals. This is an abuse on the players. 

they could wear retro jerseys and pretend it's the 80s?

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2 hours ago, xereau said:


There's a 30 foot tall bronze monument which is nothing more than a giant finger in the eye to the corruption and incompetence of the league out front of the arena.


It's no wonder the league acts this way.


I do not condone the waiving of a white flag in surrender, ever, even in jest.

Okay heck..I'll compromise! Let's move our Bronze Roger to the summit of Grouse Mtn. A lofty perch enabling him to oversee the game's governance with balanced, omniscient wisdom.


& what the Hell? We're prob all destined to grouse about the officiating until the end of days, anyways.


Lastly, he surrendered a Battle(to officials corrupt, not our opponent); a brilliant tactic leading to our '82 crew winning that War!

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I know our entire roster isn't close to %100... But I know we have enough healthy bodies and I'm a firm believer in adversity building character. 


Good is going to come from all this turmoil. Everyone got a nice little reset. 


I think our boys our gonna rally and go on a Cinderella run down the stretch. 


Vancouver Canucks Omg GIF by Twitter

Cup or bust

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Just now, debluvscanucks said:

This is embarrassing.  I don't want these clown fans associated with my team....this is NOT the time nor the place to fulfill an agenda like this.


How about they hold the banner and jump off the bandwagon (as it's moving) instead?

Agreed...as per my post just above yours! Can't stand them!! 

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1 minute ago, IRR said:

This guy and Taj are both f'n idiots!!! The most negative / hateful people i've heard in regards to this team...listen to them speak for 10-15 sec and they've said enough. This team could have great success and these two a**hats would still be complaining / negative and wanting everyone fired / traded! They call themselves fans...i call bullshiz!! 

I feel like they're attention mongers who ride on the team's coattails to get hits.  It's kind of pathetic.  

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