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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Toronto Maple Leaves | April 20, 6 p.m. | SNP

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3 minutes ago, Cromeslab said:

Honest question is it Leaves or Leafs

The plural of Leaf is Leaves. The fact that they call themselves the Leafs is the reason they haven’t won a Cup since the 1800’s. 

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I feel sorry for the maple leafs, if only they could get consistent goaltending they may actually do something in the playoffs LOL , just glad we got 2 wins vs them, now if we can get 4 wins vs ottawa , we be smoking

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1 hour ago, Qwags said:

Our fourth liner number 20 scores the Canucks 6th goal which is also the 9th goal of the game with the Canucks reaching their 69th win against the BUDS with Holtby stoning them while Highmore is in the lineup on 420. Nice.

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14 minutes ago, WHL rocks said:

Leafs coach Keefe on his goalies.. 

gets traded and then roasted lol he really is a true flame.

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13 minutes ago, Devron44 said:

Thats a slippery slope. The goaltender is 90% mental 

It's curious how Toronto apparently collects mental goaltenders. 

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11 minutes ago, apollo said:

But clowns out there mad Jimbo didn't sign Tanev instead at 4x4 :lol:


We're going streaking Canucks nation. Buckle up. 


I already said good bye to my mom sister and tank nation friends... 


Canonks to the moon. If you want free money bet Canucks for cup. It'll print :wacko:

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Disclaimer I'm not financial advisor, I just really love the team Jim's put together... 


And Travis... What a war rally speech he must have given the boys the past few days to Rev them up as they played David absolutely magnificently and destroyed Goliath. 


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Travis really showed how much of a leader he can be. and how humble, gave all the credit to bo. he said play with heart play with energy, and we got a chance. he also hinted at that wern not even in final form.


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