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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Ottawa Senators | April 22, 7 p.m. | SNP, RDS2

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2 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

Does Chatfield need to play? Why not Bowey instead?

I reckon it's just the player they are more comfortable with right now. Been watching him the last couple years and have a better idea what he's about compared to Bowey. I'd like to see Bowey get some games though.

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18 hours ago, NUCKER67 said:

Great to see Demko on the bench too, if Holtby is playing like this, the Canucks will have superb goaltending down the stretch.


Gotta say I've really liked Hamonic's game this year, he's done well with Hughes as a partner, provides some physical play, good character guy. I hope Benning re-signs him. 

We have to re sign Hamonic.  2x2 would be fine by me.  I've been firmly planted in the "we need to re sign Edler" camp, but I am now starting to second guess that.  I'm a huge fan of OJ's game, and am excited about Rathbone as well.  


If we have:


and Bowie/Tryamkin as our 7/8, I think I'd be pretty happy.



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13 hours ago, DeNiro said:



We want Flames to win all 3 if possible. They still wouldn’t catch the Habs, and we’d still have like 6 games in hand.

There is pretty much now way for the flames to get in unless they run the table.  If they can win 2 of 3 against MTL, we are in good shape, we need to gain 2-3 points from MTL over these next 4 games.

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4 hours ago, IBatch said:

Decent for sure ... that's an awfully long period of drafting though.   11 years and three GMs plus Keenan.  


Check this bunch of beauties out ... four years of Milford drafting, 10,000plus NHL games, 6 of 9 played in the NHL from 1981 alone ...

78 Bill Derlargo  

   Curt Fraser 

   Stan Smyl


79  Rick Vaive

     Bill Ashton

     Dirk Graham


80 Rick Lanz

    Doug Lidster

    Patrick Sundstrom


81 Garth Butcher 

    Peter Skriko


Thats 1/2 a solid defense drafted right there, a multiple 50 goal scorer in Vaive, and two other highly skilled forwards in the Streak and Sundstrom, one of best captains we've ever had in Smyl, some of the best support players ever in Fraser and i left out the AG/McaAn types.    Think taking four of JBs best drafts could one day surpass this, but we won't know for another decade at least. 



Some of our the prospects might never play.

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