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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Edmonton Oilers l May 3, 7 p.m. l SNP

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7 hours ago, wallstreetamigo said:

The list of excuses that keep Benning in his job is getting ridiculous now.


This year it will once again be injuries and also covid.


Th Canucks having so many injured is not some random luck thing. The way they play and the usage by the coachescleaves them more vulnerable. So does the fact they are a bunch of pussies who let other teams take liberties with no pushback. 


Want an example of how you respond when someone gives Motte a flying elbow or drives Boeser into the bench door or slashes and whacks the $&!# out of EP?


Watch how the Rangers responded to Tom Wilson when he punched Buchnevich and threw Panarin to the ice. Not one of them holds a candle in toughness to Wilson but every one of them was in the thick of it. 


Other teams know the Canucks will do nothing but hope for the PP, same as they have for over a decade.

Your example of on ice pushback as defence of your hatred for JB makes no sense.  Is he supposed to to the bench and yell them, to go fight? Good lord.


There are plenty of off ice management decisions made by JB that were clearly mistakes 


Changes are coming,  and not using any excuses what so ever............. the other North division teams are better than the team we are icing. 


It's really that simple, the other North teams have improved more than the Canucks.


Been a fan since 1970 at 7 years old. Not going to change teams. Not going to hate coaches, management or certain players.....


But change is needed and change will happen inevitably 


It makes next year exciting to think about


Go canucks go 



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8 minutes ago, Tyndall2 said:

Totally agree with most of the comments here about fatigue, lousy schedule, injuries, etc.  However, I also agree that this team lacks that wolfpack-warrior cohesiveness.  Say what you want about guys like Wilson in Washington (I don't care for him) but opposing players skate with their heads up and take a split second longer to make a pass when he is in their area.  When we had guys like Burrows and Lapierre on the team they would always lay it on the line for their teammates.  Do we have any players on the current roster who would do this?  

He's on LTIR

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24 minutes ago, 13231 said:

but if you're just going to brush off Covid

I'm not brushing off COVID. It happened, and I'm sure it was horrible for them, but they have been bad all year. COVID was just the last straw. Okay, maybe Jake was, but anyway...


They're just not a very good team, run by a slow on the draw talent evaluator and a new NHL coach. I love this team and it bothers me to see it being run into the ground.

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