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The Abbotsford ______

The Abbotsford ______  

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2 hours ago, bishopshodan said:


Abbotsford Angels.


Intermission entertainment can be gang wars in the stands. The t-shirt cannon would shoot bedazzled jeans.....and bullets of course. 

Abbotsford Affliction. Bedazzled jerseys and hockey pants with white embroidered stitching. 

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2 hours ago, Down by the River said:

The Abbotsford Alarmists. Each home game with a different theme warning society about the slippery slope of gay marriage/sex before marriage/abortion. 

Just use the Siren Head soundboard 

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6 hours ago, PunjabiCanucks said:

Abbotsford Red Scorpions :P


jokes aside to our brutal history as a city, what about something along the line of our city. Pilots but thats already a team in Abbotsford last time if i recall.


Abbotsford Whalers

Abbotsford Millionares

Abbotsford  (something - Johny Canuck as the logo)

Abbotsford Sasq'ets - UFV's mascot

Abbotsford (something to do with farmers)

Then a tractor would be the logo 

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Aces is not a good choice.  Young guys trying to crack the NHL are going to play on an AHL team that calls themselves the ACES??


Don't see that as a good choice for an AHL club that is competing with 30 other clubs full of guys trying to make it to the NHL.







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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, BarnBurner said:

There's the Leigh High Valley Phantoms, what about the Fraser Valley enForce?

Fixed that for you! :lol:

Edited by Rush17
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