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Chinese rocket that may be out of control is hurtling back to earth.


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I laughed when I read this:


On Friday, the Chinese government reassured the world that the rocket debris will mostly burn up on reentry, posing little threat to people and property on the ground. 

Speaking in Beijing, foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said China was closely following the rocket's reentry into the atmosphere, Reuters reported. "The probability of this process causing harm on the ground is extremely low," he said. 


Why would anyone in their right mind trust a single thing out of the mouths of anyone in the CCP? They've illegally incarcerated a few million of their own people for practicing a religion and have caused a global pandemic. Not to mention how they oppress the average Chinese citizen's speech and access to information. This is a dangerous government.

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3 minutes ago, cuporbust said:

Or trudeau......whatever 

Not going to happen.



The rocket's orbit is below 41 degrees north latitude, which means Canada won't be in harm's way should anything manage to make it to land. (Most of Canada is above 49 degrees north latitude, with the country's southernmost point being 42 degrees.)


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Manufacturing consent. Typical US media. 


Watch this just land somewhere in the ocean as planned. There is a reason they shot this up on an island in the Pacific rather their inland launch site near Mongolia. 


Of all things to get mad at the CPC at, this is pretty blatant trying to paint an enemy in a negative light to the masses. 

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