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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks @ Winnipeg Jets l May 10, 5 p.m. l SNP

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2 minutes ago, brilac said:

You know Green Building, you should post more of your delicious food in the Tonight's Menu thread.  I would probably have 5 of those bad boys. 

Omg I didn’t know there was a menu thread ... be right back :ph34r:

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1 minute ago, Green Building said:

Was there a certain # of games he had to play this year to require protection? Or was it a forgone conclusion cause it's year 3.

two or fewer season is exempt. I believe hughes doesnt ount because 9 or less games doesn't count as a pro season. hoglander and hughes are exempt

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18 minutes ago, Green Building said:

Apologies to all who commented and I have ignored as I was cooking a sauce heavy pasta dinner.  




What are you all eating? I'm having 3rd of this bad boy.

Two minutes for unnecessary roughness.


I'm STARVING and just had....coleslaw.  Not quite the same.


(I'm making a pesto chicken sandwich...but later.  YOU KILLED ME HERE)

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25 minutes ago, Diamonds said:

Well, to start with Lockwood is still in quarantine so can't dress and Gadjovich only just cleared quarantine today so it makes sense they might want him to have a practice day first.


Second, guys like Highmore, Boyd, Michaelis, and Hawryluk need to play because they are auditioning for roles next season and management has to make decisions on them.


However I do agree with you on Juolevi. It really bothers me that he hasn't gotten more games this year.

Fair enough.  I did t take the quarantine into account.  I hope we get to see them all. 
I could see Green trying to win out the season with the vets instead, but that’s an assumption.  He does need a new contract...

IMO guys like Highmore, Boyd, Michaelis, and Hawryluk are dime a dozen and can be replaced or upgraded on cheaply.  

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1 minute ago, nucksnavsfan said:

Until investigation has been completed 

I wonder if he was a more prolific goal scorer if that approach would be different. To be honest, I haven’t really missed him. Just curious whether it was a confirmed thing that he sits out until the ‘investigation’ is complete.

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