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The Bright Spots on the team this year

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13 minutes ago, Jimmy McGill said:

All the stuff above, and also Rathbone. Its only a few games but he looks like he has a legit shot at making the team. 


Graovac might be an interesting 12/13 F.


What do you think about boyd or Graovac taking over that 4C for next season? Im kinda liking boyd 

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Despite the gloomy year, we have a lot of strong young talent now. 
I’m already excited for next season. I just  need a team to eliminate the Leafs ASAP. Any other team I can live with winning.

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if our 4th line ends up as graovac between motte and highmore,  we can concentrate on finding 2 wingers to complete on either first line with petey and boeser, with horvat and person or with miller and podkolzin. hoglander should play on one of those 3 lines. whether or not lind or gadjovich can take one of those spots remains to be seen. i just think we could be close on forwards to compete. i like hughes and rathbone going forward. schmidt and myers on the right. we need a couple of good d-men going forward

and 2 forwards. jim is getting closer.

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49 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Hoglander's rookie year

Boeser played some of the best hockey of his career

OJ looked good when he got to play

Gadjovich and Lind progressed well in Utica

Demko 25 --- shows he is a solid #1 goalie  on poor team-- Glad we kept Demko and not sign Markstrom..

Hoglander  - Great rookie season

Boeser -- Played great hockey

Rathbone - Will be regular NHL player next season future #4 guy soon, elite skating

Juolevi -- # 6 guy needs to work on his turns with speed of NHL forwards - This was a breath of fresh air..

Gadjovich  has a role, front of net and toughness

Lind - Shows signs,  getting closer...

Next season Podkolzin so exciting -- 20 -6'3 - 215 lbs - gritty- plays 200 foot game..

2021 KHL playoff lead team in points GP 15 ---11 Points.. 13:40 min per game

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Just now, Fred65 said:

If this kid wants to make an impression I'd think he'll be looking for a taker, the question will be will any other Flames oblige him

I'd just send him after the Turtle and not give Tkachuk a choice.  Either he fights back like a man or pulls his usual garbage like the gutless coward that he is.  Either way Gadj will send a message that Tkachuk's crap will have consequences against us next year.

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