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I have not seen the canucks look as bad this year, since the the years of the stan smyle, Toni tanti years.

They continue to look for a superstar, but consistly seem to to get 2nd and 3rd line players whom they try to mold into top line players.

The canucks in my opinion need a ground up shake up.

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Once the Aquilini's are 100% all in and allow the hockey professionals to do what's best for the team - then the team might actually do something.  I don't trust Benning to make a big trade to really help the team, or to make tough decisions like letting Edler walk. Won't happen, because the owners are too sentimental and stick their noses in NHL business. 


Looks what's happening now with them talking to Courtnall. The owners do it all the time - play with the heartstrings of Canucks fans. When things are going bad with the team, nothing better than pulling out a '94 player to cheer up the fans. It's a distraction and I ain't buying it.  



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