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Predict the Score Contest: Wrap up

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4 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

I demand a recount!


In all seriousness, thanks for hosting, @goalie13

That's why I always post the entire leaderboard.  It gives everyone a chance to check my math.


Thanks for your continued participation.  I fully expect to see you back here next season.

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Thanks to all that participated this season and big thanks to goalie13 who put in the extra work for making this game within the game possible. The fact that the standings were so close shows you we got some knowledgeable fans who know the game. Now on to some trash talk..after my threepeat should I change my name to fijian dynasty canuck or fijian Canucks dynasty? I'll sit back and take suggestions ;)

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Well.. that was a close race, Congrats to fijian, well played, but you now have a target on your back. (two time winner? I did not know that. not an easy thing to do).

As for excuses I will limit them to blaming myself for not finding out who the starting goalies were before making a prediction.


I am however more jealous of Dumbnuck and his topless haircuts than the winner.


Thanks again Goalie13 and looking forward to the next season.

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