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What Tunes Bring The tears?

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Are there any songs that hit you so hard you can't control your emotions? Y'mays'well 'fess up...


Janis..Kozmic Blues / Get It While You Can / Maybe

Van Morrison ..Purple Heather / You're not Supposed To Break Down / Into The Mystic(shyte, prob too many to list...)

Led Zep ..Baby Come On Home

The Allmans ..Melissa


It's my theory that one has to experience nasty, relative-hardship, to tap into these emotions. When lyrics(w/ the melody) hit too close to home, it's too much sometimes.

I'd rather feel this pain/the blues than nothing at all...

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"I never thought I'd die alone
Another six months I'll be unknown
Give all my things to all my friends
You'll never step foot in my room again
You'll close it off, board it up
Remember the time that I spilled the cup
Of apple juice in the hall
Please tell mom this is not her fault"
How can lyrics like that not hit ya right in the feelies?


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The 2-and-a-half minute ditty from approximately 26:00 to 28:30 of this concert: 



A video of the song at the same concert captured by a member of the audience is available at:


It especially brings tears to my eyes in the context of the year that was in HK.  The first video has both Cantonese and English lyrics; the second video doesn't have any captioning.

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