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Benning on donnie and dhali

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5 minutes ago, VegasCanuck said:

Thanks for posting this, @Bertuzzipunch, here's my takeaways on it:


Benning is the most open guy that I think we've ever had as a GM in Vancouver, but BOY is he boring to listen to!


#1. They are waiting to see if the police charge Virtanen so that they could just terminate his contract instead of having to pay him anything further through a buyout.

#2. Juolevi will be a full time guy next year, provided he regains the weight and conditioning that he had before Covid

#3. Sedins will be at our table at the draft (assuming that there is a open floor draft this summer).

#4. He's really hedging his bets on resigning Edler and doesn't want to commit to the idea as they may walk away from him.

#5. Podkolzin will be signed before the middle of June

#6. Ian Clark will be staying and doesn't want to go anywhere, its just a matter of finalizing whether there will be other changes in the coaching staff.

#7. Tryamkin didn't have a wife to keep happy, when he told the Canucks at the draft, that he wanted to be in the NHL and has likely decided to play his whole career in the KHL.

#8. NO ONE has asked for a trade, the media is doing what it always does, its making $&!# up to generate clicks and readers.


Personally, I still believe in Benning, I believe that the team is heading the right way and that this season was an anomaly and that we will be in much better shape next season.

I like you but I've never met you. Well said, Jim. That's funny as hell. 

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6 minutes ago, Maddogy said:

J.B. is at the very least an average G.M. The problem then is if you fire him, how certain are you that you can find someone better? We've seem a a lot of teams  that go through changes in management and coaching staff and they are still underwhelming. 


People think that if you fire a G.M., someone better will magically show up. If you quit your job, a better job is just around the corner. If you divorce your spouse, your soul mate is waiting at the altar for you. Yes but at what level of certainty?


The risk is, if J.B. is fired they may hire someone that really end up ruining the rebuild and screw up this generation of Vancouver Canucks. 


Yeah what happens if someone like say Dean Lombardi rips Benning's vision apart and we suffer through another 10 years of ineptitude... where are the haters going to be then? Oh yeah, calling for Lombardi's head, and the next guy and the next guy.

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7 minutes ago, Maddogy said:

The risk is, if J.B. is fired they may hire someone that really end up ruining the rebuild and screw up this generation of Vancouver Canucks. 

Essentially what you are saying is that the real issue is ownership does not have the ability to find the 'right' person and is sticking with who they have because of the inability to seek a better replacement. 

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12 minutes ago, Smashian Kassian said:

So after all the hysteria and constant negative messaging from the Vancouver media, it turns out; 


- Clark is likely staying after all


- Neither Miller or Schmidt are asking for a trade


- The goal is actually to build a cup contender, not just squeeze into the playoffs


Who would've thought !

I know I'm shocked...:rolleyes:



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16 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

If they were planning on bringing back Baumer and Brown you would think those contracts would be done already no?


Its not like those two have much negotiating power. I doubt any teams are clamouring for their services.


Hopefully we see at least one change there.

yeah, it seemed obvious to me from his careful word choices during the season ending presser that there would be some degree of change with the assistant coaches. 

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