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NDF: (3) Winnipeg Jets vs. (4) Montreal Canadiens | Canadiens win series 4-0

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2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs | Round 2  

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20 hours ago, RUPERTKBD said:

When the trade for Patches was made, I'm sure most people felt that Tatar was the major peice going the other way, but Suzuki has made that deal look awfully good for Montreal...


Still, if I had to point to one thing (or two actually) that Bergevin did right, it would acquiring Chiarot and Edmundson. Those two have really solidified the back end, IMO.

No - not really.

At the time Tatar was the underperforming contract going the other way - 6pts in 20 games, -11 at a VGK....

He'd just signed at a 4x5.3 million cap hit - and Vegas wanted a serious upgrade on what he was giving them.


At the time, he was the contract going the other way imo - not the principal.


Suzuki was a 13th overall pick - and deservedly so.  A lot of value there.  (I'd qualify that slightly by saying I 'would have' taken Foote at 13, but at the same time, there were a few guys that went before Suzuki that I would not have taken that high...)  So all in all - imo he was a legit 13th overall...


And they also got a 2nd round pick in that deal.


Tatar turning it back around was 'icing'

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A Jets fan says he was punched, robbed of his jersey in Montreal: “Now that we’re finally getting the privilege to open up and finally attend hockey games and that’s the way Canadiens fans act against visiting teams fans, that’s disgusting.”



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