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Will Podkolzin (The Lion) be the greatest playoff performer in canucks history

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No pressure VP.


You're just expected to be the franchise's greatest playoff performer.

Linden, Sedins, Bure....no problem.


And while we're at it - Rathbone - is already/all ready - to take Edler's hard minutes and bust out as an all situations top four stud!!



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On 6/2/2021 at 1:22 PM, Ghostsof1915 said:

So if he has a 10 game slump where he's getting shots on goal, but can't bury them. Are you going to crucify him? 

How about be excited for the kid. And just appreciate whatever he brings. I know I'm just going to love his compete level, because the kid wants to win. 

That's always a good foundation. 


It was only months ago that many people were microing his WJC production and already getting down on him.

But for those that watched Russia's games - he was an all situations, outstanding backbone of a player - "foundation" is exactly it.

Now we're reverse microing his KHL playoffs (which are also extremely impressive imo on the counterpoint - production).


I have a great deal of excitement about what he's going to bring - he's exactly the kind of young forward addition this group needs imo.


But I'm gonna hold off on expecting him to surpass Trevor Linden.


I mean - Trevor Linden was a point per game player in the playoffs in his first five NHL seasons.


62 playoff games - 64 points!   A trip to the finals where he scored 25 pts in 24 games.  He was 23 years old in 93/94.


Nah - not high expectations to surpass that lol.

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3 minutes ago, Butters Stoch said:

Stop laughing guys. Podkolzin is literally a generational player. People need to shut up about when Ovie is going to break Gretzky's goal record and start talking about when Pod is going to break his goal AND points record.

Im glad youre on board.

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2 hours ago, McBackup said:

"The Lion"? I thought he was the Moscow Mule.

The Lion is okay, never mind male lions are lazy which he's anything but. The first time i saw clips of him they were describing him as lion-hearted and it fit. I was thinking Podzilla as Godzilla had offensive skill (possessed a laser shot, albeit from his eyes) but won the hearts of the people as a great defender. But yeah, The Lion. 


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People keep on bringing up Cody Hodgson as a "gotcha" point to not get too excited about a player with promise.


The thing is, I watched Hodgson play live in the World Juniors and he was the best player on the ice. He absolutely dominated. 


Don't mistake a player with health or personal issues that derail their career for having been a player without promise or talent.


See Ollie Juolevi for further evidence. 


Pod is a player with talent and promise! Get excited! Any predictions of what exactly that promise will amount to may well join many others as roadkill on the highway of hockey development. No need to dish on previous players who struggled with injuries and health problems to make that point.

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On 6/2/2021 at 10:03 PM, Alflives said:

True, but (like Hogs) Pod will actually be better on our smaller ice sheets.  Green is going to love this player, and play him a lot  

The SKA rink is actually a 60x26m rink so the ice size is actually slightly shorter and the same width.


it’s not an international or Finnish  size rink 

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On 6/4/2021 at 2:31 AM, RU SERIOUS said:

Yea, and I read in the sport section of the  "National Enquirer" (The magazine of truth !)    That he's going to win the Calder, Art Ross, Maurice Richard and Tim Horton's Trophies too next year. 

..........and they almost never lie! 

I thought they also said he was going to score the Cup winning goal which will be quite the feat considering we won’t make the playoffs.

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