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[Report] Canucks announce coaching staff updates

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I haven't been keeping up to date on the rules, and not sure if Shaw was fired recently but he is listed as assistant coach for Columbus on a quick google search. Does this mean Canucks will have to give up a draft pick for hiring him?

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Just now, PhillipBlunt said:

Is King the new PP coach. or is it Bumgardener?:lol::lol:

I usually like you phil, but this bumgardener stuff is on the same intellectual level as the pooalot nonsense was a couple years ago, and that intellectual level is about 4th grade (at best). 


you're better than that. 



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Coaching is obviously important but people go off the rails about it and it’s totally uncalled for. 

you want a better power play? How about a point shot? Or a PMRHD to complement Quinn.
Most of our problems are holes in the lineup. There isn’t this drastic variation in systems across the league like many imply. We need some very big pieces to become a better team, coaching will do little to change that. 

I see people complain about us just dumping and chasing all the time. Is green supposed to implement a puck possession style with the bottom 6 he has? It’s all about fitting the style with the players you have. That goes for the forwards and the D. We need an identity. We don’t really have one. 

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