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SCSF: (1) Vegas Golden Knights vs. (4) Montreal Canadiens | Canadiens win series 4-2

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2021 Stanley Cup Semifinals  

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5 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

Another lockdown?






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Just now, DontMessMe said:

Good for the man :). Happy for him

He’s had quite the journey since the last time he was in the Finals. He’s a quality leader and person as are all the Staals. Underrated hockey family. 

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8 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

Here are the reactions from the Golden Knights forum after the loss:


All sounds like the beginning of a wonderfully painful experience of an entitled expansion franchise.

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3 minutes ago, LeafsFanDan said:

I don't agree. I rather have 6 months of entertaining hockey and highlight goals and having 90% of the hockey world praise my team than having 5 weeks of scrubs defence grind just so you can say you won the cup..


Winning the cup doesn't make you  better team, again everyone knows Vegas, Jets and Toronto are better than Montreal. That's why Stanley cup doesn't prove much, just take a look at this year as proof.



Winning the Cup means you’re the best team. Maybe when your beloved Laffs get past the first round sometime before 2067, you’ll understand. 

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I found this on my phone and got this haircut at FanJam years ago.  This is how much I really love the Habs!  Next time, it’s a free permanent tattoo.

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1 minute ago, LeafsFanDan said:

Look i am not defending Toronto, but open your eyes and look at the hockey analytics, at the experts at the panels and general media.


Everyone said Montreal is a dog, even the general public bet against them.

 This means the team doesn't have that sex appeal that charm and that magic to make them a standout.


Its a shame how far Montreal got but it still doesn't change the fact no one respects them or admires them, they are not as a good team as others along the way please acknowledge that.

The what now

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