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Are the Canucks too much of a Featherweight team to push through the playoffs?

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13 hours ago, IBatch said:

Boeser wins just as many puck battles as Pearson and TT do, more actually during our bubble run (took some big hits to make plays too).   So i wouldn't include him.  Built like a little truck, 6' 1 and 210 lbs is decent size for a guy with his skill set, actually a little bigger then both those guys too.   Miller has even better size.    QHs and Rathbone concerns me, but i'm will to see how it goes.   We for sure need some bigger bodies in the bottom six and the top six, one is coming ... Podz size varies from 6'2 and 6'4" 218 lbs that will help.   Plus he uses it all the time.   


Don't mind the topic, it's concerned me for a decade now how the game has lost some of its heart and soul with the death of the enforcer.    From what i've read pre-enforcer every single player was expected to stick up for themselves and fight their own fights (original six).   Problem is, after nearly 4 decades of having a big brother to do that for you, players just don't have the same upbringing anymore.   Why throwbacks are so important.   Gads is one of these guys too.   Scoring a goal a game pace in the AHL and making other defenseman and goalies lives miserable is an ingredient this team needs.   Between him and Podz our trucelence factor is going up, same with our average size, at least upfront. 

Nope. Not even close.   Boeser rarely ever comes out of any battle with the puck.  Its clearly evident and has been his entire career.  Built like a truck?  He falls on his ass almost as much as Hughes does.   Not sure why you brought up TT but Toffoli is known for his ability to win battles.  

I understand you may be a fan of Boeser because of his flow, but your convincing yourself of something which is not.  Look at this team and players objectively... we nees top players that are stronger and more well rounded otherwise this team goes nowhere.


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