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47 minutes ago, McBackup said:

How does this work exactly? Wouldn't players become Alums once they retire? Or do they have to apply for membership? And whats the deal with the associate members?

My guess is that it's similar to how my fraternity's arrangement is for alumni - we have our local chapter, but we also have a "Vancouver Alumni" chapter whose membership includes those members initiated by our local chapter and have graduated (living here or abroad), as well as those who are from other chapters but are now living in the Vancouver area.  In the case of the team's alumni association, the individuals probably have to petition for membership, and there is likely a vetting process, especially for those that have minimal or no affiliation with the team (such as Meghan Acosta, who never played for the Canucks, as an example).


Of course, I could have it completely bass ackward, and they could be brought in on the basis of invitation.  :lol:

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9 minutes ago, Dazzle said:

I don't get it. Why isn't Markus Naslund or Trevor Linden in this? Or Geoff/Russ Courtnall? Or Ronning? This Alumni thing makes zero sense.

Those are only the NEW members.  Naslund, Linden, Ronning and the Courtnall brothers are already on the list...


Members — Canucks Alumni Association (vancouvercanucksalumni.org)

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1 hour ago, Toni Zamboni said:

vintage canuck should be associate alumni :P

How do you know @-Vintage Canuck- isn't already...  :bigblush:




Although @-Vintage Canuck-'s still active on the forums.  That makes @-Vintage Canuck- still on the active roster and ineligible for alumni status.  :P

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I do know that the group is fairly involved in community events and sponsorships, so perhaps a commitment to that end of things is part of it?


I'd imagine, like anything, there are nominations and votes?  Or perhaps there's a certain thresh hold (years? games?) that's set?


Whatever the deal is, I love this organization.  I see Babych and Lumme at all kinds of events and they're so open and approachable.  Just a really good group of guys.

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7 hours ago, King Heffy said:

Was hoping to see Loui Eriksson on the list.

Loui , Jay and Antoine receive "accidental" invites - "congraulations and welcome to once being a Canuck!!" :bigblush:

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No Kesler tho eh?? THought he and Bieksa were joined at the hip, would have been a quiet way to get him slowly integrated back with the team. Kesler was a beast for us at times, he wore his heart on his sleeve...sound familiar?? I would say Kesler and JT Miller both Americans, were/are well respected players and fan favourites. Unfortunately, Kesler kind of screwed us when he wouldn't give a proper list of teams he would waive for...so fans hate him for doing that and as time has gone on and his career is over that hate has subsided but I will never forget him doing that. He was right in wanting out, he saw the ship sinking and the team still felt like they were cup contenders...Kesler 1- Canucks brass 0 in that regard!

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