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What is the main position target the canucks need

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I have a theory. You need these things to be successful.

Goalie, 2 elite defenseman, elite first line, highly impactful second line. Which I belief for the most part needs to be done through the draft.


Your third and fourth line forwards along with the other 4 defenseman can be found in through FA. 

It is IMO that we are still looking for that defenseman before we can properly compete for a championship. (Also players maturing)


Short Answer: Defense


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4 hours ago, zimmy said:

not an easy get but ..


a heavy minute, physically imposing, bona fide #1 D, preferably under 25 and at a cost point that fits into the team structure

So a unicorn?


There are less than 5 players like that in the league. If you went with 26 and under (instead of under 25) and 'solid top pair' (instead of 'bonafide #1') D, there might be 15

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20 minutes ago, Bertuzzipunch said:

Everyone says defense yet everyone wants harmonic and edler re-signed and to comeback. Errr ?

Depends on a few factors,expansion being the main one.Lets see what unfolds

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Just now, Jetliner said:

Baby steps boys. Let's start by not giving out breakaways like pre puberty kids throwing coins at the water fountain

K whats the first baby step after petey and quinn sign their contracts?

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1 hour ago, MattJVD said:

So a unicorn?


There are less than 5 players like that in the league. If you went with 26 and under (instead of under 25) and 'solid top pair' (instead of 'bonafide #1') D, there might be 15

Hard to win a cup without one or at least 2 close hybrids. The point is nobodies winning a cup with QH as a #1 so my priority in building a cup winner is to find that unicorn, as you have identified him.

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There simply is not, nor will be enough talent .

Whomever becomes available via FA, or trade, there is a reason why. 

No team is going to give up a die hard, go to war, do whatever it takes to win player. 

Your typical Taylor Hall players will be there... For a reason.

Quick local example is do you think Carolina would let a healthy, happy, strong Ferland go?

Could you imagine if we spent a fortune on Pietrianelo, OE Larson, etc??  

The big superstars are untouchables. 

Unless you can land a Braden Point, Kyle Connor type player, DONT waist money and assets on players that are not welcomed on their respected teams. 

On that note forget the other Grandlund we know.

Mikal will be available, and a perfect fit at a decent price. 29 yrs old, can score, playes hard 100%, great defensely including pk, just what the alian needs... Did I mention he should come "cheap". 

Do it JB you'll be a star again.  



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Defence wins championships. 

we need a defensive big minute D man, essentially a Mitchel,Ohlund,Edler,Hjarlmasson type of player.


doesn’t need to be a big name or flashy or any sort of point getter but someone who is a no nonsense solid defence first player. 

after that I would say 3C but to get the 3C we don’t necessarily need to target a player in that possition providing we can upgrade somewhere else that frees up someone to C that line.


also by 3C again I’m assuming defensive first duties who can chip in every so often.


Arguably I would move Horvat here and have his line as the matchup line (which it is) and then look for a typical 2C to centre a scoring line. 

In this instance Horvat probably still gets the most minutes. And you probably would still call him 2C. 

line 1 scoring

line 2 matchup

line 3 scoring 

line 4 D zone starts


tldr - we need a scoring centre and utilise horvat more in the Kesler matchup role 

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Basically everyone is saying we need to upgrade the defense. 


I have a feeling that Quinn’s regression in his defensive play was not just a one time thing. I think he needs a d-partner in the mold of a Tanev. If we can find someone like him (Hamonic, maybe?) to play with Hughes, I think Quinn takes off. 


We probably aren’t getting an elite RHD in this draft. I’ll take the forward whoever lands there (Geunther, McTavish, etc). 


But Benning better not trade next year’s 1st round pick, because that draft is supposed to be loaded with higher end RHD. And that’s the one area that this team has been lacking for, well, essentially all of our existence. Can we please change that moving forward? 

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Defence is the biggest need for Vancouver.  They already have a Vezina trophy caliber goalie in Demko.  They have some pieces in place on defence in Hughes, Rathbone and Juolevi, but need to surround them with much bigger players similar to the final four teams in this year's playoffs.  Myers has the size so he can stay.  But everyone else I think needs to go.  I would trade Schmidt if a good offer came our way.


Secondarily we need help up the middle.  A 3C and 4C are needed.  If Miller converts full time to a 3C then we need a 4C who can play a fast and aggressive game like Highmore, Motte and Lockwood.  The wingers will work themselves out but if we can go out and get someone cheap like an Appleton I would do that deal depending on the cost.

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Anyone remember Dallas Smith? Charlie Huddy? 

I assume not many. They were Bobby Orr and Paul Coffee's most successful defensive pairs in there prime. 

Neither hall of famers, just crazy ass solid take no $&!# defenceman that were tough, ok skaters, decent passers, but amazing hockey IQ.  Real defenseman so to speak. 

QH is not the in the category of Bobby & Paul, but similar(ish). 

If Quinn gets that type of pairing, he and Makar will battle the Noris for the next decade. 

Without something remotely close, Hugh's will just be another what could have been. 

Btw Edler and or Hammonic are not them. 

Closest we kinda had for the prodigy was Tanev... Which isn't saying much. 



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