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Sign Top UFA - Trade Core Piece - Make Playoffs 2022

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2 hours ago, Shanghaii Owey Ice said:

Sign Dougie Hamiltion 7 years @ 8 Mill per season

Trade Quin Hughes + Kole Lind + Olli Juolevi for Hampus Lindholm & Rickard Rakell

Keep 9th OA and draft a dman

Sign Edler on a cheap 1 year deal


Line up 2022 Season









Rathbone Myers


Line up 2023 Season










9th overall dman


Hughes is a great player, but it still seems relevant you need a BIG mobile back end to win playoffs series and go on a run. Hughes goes out but 2 dmen that fit that description come in. Also think its important we keep the 9th OA and draft a dman. With the proposed trades, our top 9 is a roaring machine and set for a few years at the least. Rakell could get back up to a 30 goal scorer playing on Petterson's wing and be supremely dangerous come playoffs. Bring in the skilled swedish - canucks connection with Rakell & Lindholm to mold with Peterson while maintaining the grit in Horvat, Miller & Podkolzin


Obviously cap would have to be moved around here (Eriksson, Virtanen etc) to make this work. Just interested in the idea asset wise to do a sign and trade method.


Have at er!



Having a 28 year old as a first line forward, and a 35 year old as a top pairing defenseman seems like a perilous idea for a team looking to enter a period of contention.


I think Pettersson would benefit from players his age rather than older veterans at this point. Miller has been great for Elias. 

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We are getting ridiculous.  For years we have said that defenseman take time, more time than forwards.  2-4 years to become a regular nhler and 26 yrs old plus to become a true number one dman.  Hughes is 21 and has had two of the best offensive years of a Canucks defenseman, ever!  He has had mixed results defensively but has been playing 20 plus minutes since 19 yrs old.  The idea that anyone is looking to trade him gives me the same feeling I have for Trump-supporters and ant-vaxxers.  Contempt, frustration, disgust, sadness, embarrasment, and so on.  


If we are going to trade the best, by far, offensive talent we have ever seen on defense in a Canucks' uniform, it better be for a superstar or just stop posting and go get your vaccine.

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10 minutes ago, ChuckNORRIS4Cup said:

Why do so many people have a hard on for keeping Edler?

Im perfectly ok keeping edler on a very team friendly 1 year deal with a possibility of another 1 year deal. But not if it comes anywhere neer the price of giving up hughes. Thats just insane

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6 minutes ago, bigbadcanucks said:

What did you eat that made you vomit green stuff, Alf? 

For a Malmacian it’s like a human eating yellow snow.  


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1 hour ago, PunjabiCanucks said:

I dont mind signing him for a year deal, max x2- man is willing to block shots. 2 mill and most likely move at deadline


1 hour ago, Hamhuis Hip Check said:

Im perfectly ok keeping edler on a very team friendly 1 year deal with a possibility of another 1 year deal. But not if it comes anywhere neer the price of giving up hughes. Thats just insane

Here We Go Again GIF by memecandy


First and foremost Edler should of been gone 2-3 years ago, but he wasn't, Tanev who was great at blocking shots should still be here. We don't need Edler for blocking shots, just like we don't need Loui Eriksson for the penalty kill. These players are done dead weight, it's time to move on from dead weight and aquire more mobile better players. I had these same arguments with people on here 3-4 years ago regarding how useless Eriksson was but majority of people couldn't accept it yet, too many tried to defend him as a good PK for this team and reality was he wasn't that great, there were cheaper and better options out there, just some people have a hard time accepting it. This is the same case in Edler, just because he can block some shots isn't enough to keep him, his overall game is just brutal and he just can't do anything like he used to he's done, sucks but it is what it is, but people just need to accept this and move on.


Regarding Hughes you don't trade him yet, but he definitely needs to improve on his defensive game, and if he does that then he's set for good here, because his offensive abilities and overall vision and skill is something you don't find easily, but if you can complete his overall game then everything is good, he's young so he's got some time to improve still.

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