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2 hours ago, Bertuzzipunch said:

How far away is Woo away from being a NHLer? From what I’m reading he and rathbone were quite the pair in Utica. Kid has good size and supposed to be a tough guy to play against. Whats the deal?

I watched pretty much all the Utica games last season.  Woo definitely got better with more games.  By the end of the season he was on the PK, and hard 5 on 5 matchups.  He skates really well, and is super smart.  He will get a couple looks with the big club next season, but he needs to still mature more, especially his puck skills.  Definitely a defensive D man.  

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21 hours ago, BCNate said:

I'm a far bigger fan of going after Dougie Hamilton on a 7x9 deal than 6x8.25 on OEL or similar for Seth jones.  


-We would be able to trade Schmidt for quality assets rather than give up assets to obtain OEL/Jones




-We keep Schmidt, have Hamilton, and spend far less assets to dump Myers than it would cost to get OEL/Jones.

I know what you're saying but 9 AAV for Dougie would be a mistake, same for Jones. 


Thats why any deal for OEL has to include retention, that AAV has to be under 7 to justify the move, imo. 

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I would go for Hamilton if it was $8.5M AAV for say 5 or 6 years.  That brings him to 33 or 34 years old.


Dare I say it, if we brought in Hamilton, we could basically trade Hughes and make room for someone like Parayko.

Last but not least, somehow pry Graves out of Colorado. 


Then man oh man, what a beast of a defence core we would have...


Schmidt Hamilton (6'0" and 6'6")

Graves Parayko (6'5" and 6'6")

Juolevi Myers (6'2" and 6'7")


I'd feel bad for the LWers on the opposing team having to face at least a 6'6" monster every damn shift lmao


We simply won't win in the playoffs with 2 sub 6' defencemen in Hughes and Rathbone.

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Nah. The term and the money for Hamilton will be absolutely insane. Focus on complimentary guys to build around the players we already have and expect to have for the foreseeable future. 


I'd just like to add that teams with bluelines built entirely through trade/free agency pretty much never win cups. Make of that what you will.

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