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Farm team name, brand and logo reveal

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27 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

This is the jersey I'd like to see used as the primary.



I personally am glad they didn't use that, but I'm also biased as I've never liked that jersey even as a kid growing up in the 90's.

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“Fraser Blue”?


I have a feeling these designers don’t cross the Port Mann much. “Mocha Mavericks” would fit a little better. In any case, being in the Wack I am excited to get out to many of their games this year. Love this relocation. 

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45 minutes ago, Canucks Curse said:

they should have gone with the aviator logo in the V that is often used on the boards

Johnny Canuck was actually a WWI comic book hero- an allied pilot, as part of allied propaganda, fits with the Abbotsford aviation history- would have been a cool historical story line 

disappointed if this us not featured somewhere because it smacks of an organization that does not know there own history



Actually he was a WW2 comic book hero, so you were close only off by one world war

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Just now, mikkim said:

The new Abbotsford Canuck jerseys are available for pre-order and they are a little cheaper than the NHL jerseys https://vanbase.ca/ I assume they are official jerseys and not nock offs.

Guess they are not cheaper, I clicked on the link to make sure it worked and the price jumped by $90 lol


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I don't mind it!  Should appeal to kids I would think!  


Some of you treat complaining like it's a professional sport.  A few will almost certainly be going in to the hall of fame for this sport! 

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