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[Trade] Canucks Trade for Dickinson from DAL for a 3rd.

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2 minutes ago, Elias Pettersson said:

There's more to defensive play then just taking draws.  Apparently Dickinson was Dallas's top PK'er last year...

I don’t disagree with that.  Motte is a great PKer too.  But this guy isn’t a centre Green is going to use taking D zone draws.  

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Just now, Convincing John said:

Honestly, Why does Jim love players where offence dies. Gross 


Just now, appleboy said:

These are the kind of deals I was hoping for. Fill some defensive holes without giving up any high picks. 


We have the offense. We need a couple of stay at home defenseman now. Maybe another gritty bottom six forward. Do this without taking away or using a 1st or 2nd round pick.

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1 minute ago, Scottydzik said:

A 2nd n c prospect for leddy or graves wouldn’t of been over paying 

Leddy is a UFA after next season, isn't exactly a shutdown guy, and has a hefty contract.  Trading a 2nd for an overpaid rental isn't something I'd like to see.  While I like Graves, he's a left hand shot, and Maltsev isn't a C prospect.

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1 minute ago, Alflives said:

We need a guy who can take D zone draws, so Bo dorsnt have to always do it.  Yes, he’s decent depth, but is he worth protecting (he’s coming 27) over Lind?  

100% I think he is worth it. We’ll see what happens. At the end of the day we need a couple forwards along with the defence. With Hill going to San Jose and how this deal ended up being last minute. I think Seattle is actually going to take Holtby 

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2 minutes ago, AV. said:

This is an okay deal on paper.


Dickinson is a good age and can play a defensive game.  Doesn't really do much else, however.

He hasn't been positioned to do anything else by DAL though. He played under Hitchcock who assigns roles that you don't play outside of or you ride pine. Whether he signs and stays, is left unprotected or used in part for a trade, it doesn't matter. It's an asset we picked up for the now. A future 3rd is exactly that- a future question mark. Anyway you slice it, whatever the outcome, this is an upgrade for the team. Only way we lose is if JB doesn't sign him and he walks...then it's real time to talk asset management.

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Just now, stanleysteamersmyl said:

A established bottom six NHL player for a 3rd round pick.  How many 3rd round picks make the NHL?

Nate Schmidt traded for a 3rd round pick.

Miller for a 1st round pick.

Jimbob is doing well so far.


The trade isn’t complete until we see who Seattle takes.  If they take Lind, then it’s a third and Lind for Dickinson.  

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