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[Trade] Canucks Trade for Dickinson from DAL for a 3rd.

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2 minutes ago, Devron44 said:

100% I think he is worth it. We’ll see what happens. At the end of the day we need a couple forwards along with the defence. With Hill going to San Jose and how this deal ended up being last minute. I think Seattle is actually going to take Holtby 

And likely JB knows this and why he made the deal.

Or Dickinson + Holtby are going their way so they don't take Lind or Gadj.

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12 minutes ago, DownUndaCanuck said:

JB must know that Seattle is going to pick Holtby otherwise this deal is not worth losing Gadjovic/Lind.


If one of our kids get taken it'd be pretty disappointing.

Of course they are taking Holtby. That was worked out long ago is my guess. Holtby is a dynamite trade chip at the deadline.


Holtby plus retaining gets a 2nd easy.

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5 minutes ago, brian42 said:

guy doesn't provide offense and you can't rely on him for a defensive draw, i see him as a 4th line center not 3'rd, with pk mins. hope he signs for no more than 1 million. 

His last contract was $1.5M x 2yr.  But it's a flat cap era so maybe he can get between $1-1.25M x 4yr?


Not a bad price for a depth piece.

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3 minutes ago, Alflives said:

The trade isn’t complete until we see who Seattle takes.  If they take Lind, then it’s a third and Lind for Dickinson.  

You would have to look at it as who would Seattle have taken if kole wasn't exposed...

So a 3rd and Lind for Dickinson and Gadjovich 

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4 minutes ago, Provost said:

He has genuinely earned all the criticism.  Our team has been terrible for a long time…. Excuses about a thin prospect pool run out after about 4 years into a tenure, not a (new) 9 year plan.


After last offseason being a debacle, that was his last life for me.  Now he has to prove any moves by wins and losses on the ice before I will give him much credit.

Are you dumb?!


Yes, for things he's already done wrong. Fine!!


How do you judge / criticize someone for something they haven't even done. Eg. Rumours that haven't even come to fruition? How f'n stupid is that. 


Maybe i should judge you for running a red light and killing someone.....but i assume you haven't done that. It would be pretty stupid of me to do something like that, no??? Double standards everywhere! What bull****!! 

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1 minute ago, UKNuck96 said:

The same people  that think a D mans worth is in their points total 

It’s not about points; it’s about this guy playing a defensive minded role as a centre.  He’s horrid on faceoffs!  Does Bo take all the D zone left hand draws?  This trade is very likely to cost us Lind.

is this guy worth Lind and a third?  

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Every team loses a player. It is just one player.


We don't have any big time talents to protect. We are sitting with minimal to lose. Lind is a nice piece but he is not a ton to lose.

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26 minutes ago, Deets said:

I think people are being facetious, but this is a far cry from Bennings desire to be aggressive in getting skilled players. This is not a bad trade, but it's not exactly a home run. 

There is zero need to be aggressive prior to the expansion draft, it will just end up in lost assets or someone else of value being exposed. 
Wait until the draft passes.

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