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[Trade] Canucks Trade for Dickinson from DAL for a 3rd.

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8 minutes ago, brian42 said:

doesn't look to be all that much better than Boyd TBH at 26 years old with only career high of 22 points and not a good faceoff guy, never over 50%.


looks like another wasted draft pick. Only the Canucks could trade away more picks than they acquire during a rebuild.


part of me is glad they did something but if your relying on this guy as your 3rd line center, probly going to be disappointed. 

Bad take is bad. 

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1 minute ago, Kenny Blankenship said:

Having a hard time seeing any negative in this. Elite defensive forward, at first glance, is something any team who can’t keep the puck out their net needs. I understand that our defense needs improving, but team defense requires all 5 guys, this should help. Consider me a fan of this trade. 

Especially being a good defensive C

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Just now, Devron44 said:

He is actually pretty good defensively Alf. Hopefully he can work on his faceoffs 

We need a guy who can take D zone draws, so Bo dorsnt have to always do it.  Yes, he’s decent depth, but is he worth protecting (he’s coming 27) over Lind?  

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1 minute ago, AV. said:

This is an okay deal on paper.


Dickinson is a good age and can play a defensive game.  Doesn't really do much else, however.

Our defense as a whole was pretty atrocious, this is a win imo. I'm sure Brad Shaw was high on this guy.

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These are the kind of deals I was hoping for. Fill some defensive holes without giving up any high picks. 


We have the offense. We need a couple of stay at home defenseman now. Maybe another gritty bottom six forward. Do this without taking away or using a 1st or 2nd round pick.

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1 minute ago, IRR said:

Yes, but still time for that. Plus, multiple things need done.


Also, it takes two to tangle and deals need to make sense / be fair. No point in making a deal just to make a deal. 


Some will never be happy! Doesn't make a deal because nothing made sense / came up with a team = Benning is useless. Makes a deal to make a deal = Benning doesn't know what he's doing & f'd up the trade. 


Lose lose for him around here!! 

He has genuinely earned all the criticism.  Our team has been terrible for a long time…. Excuses about a thin prospect pool run out after about 4 years into a tenure, not a (new) 9 year plan.


After last offseason being a debacle, that was his last life for me.  Now he has to prove any moves by wins and losses on the ice before I will give him much credit.

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3 minutes ago, coryberg said:








One spot left... don't see us exposing Motte 

I love how Motte plays, but he is more easily replaced than Lind, in terms of raw skill. I believe that we protect Lind and make a deal to ensure that they take Holtby. 

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