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CDCGML 2021 Entry Draft


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Welcome to the 2021 CDCGML Entry Draft!

The draft will begin on Saturday July 17th at 2:00pm Pacific time.


You can follow along in this thread as well as on the CDCGML 2021 Entry Draft chart where the picks will be updated and recorded.


Also in our Discord group we will be calling on GMs who's turn is up, and those who choose to can listen in or join the live discussion on the server as well.


The guidelines are as follows:


- For the first round, teams will have 5 minutes to make their selection. In the 2nd and 3rd rounds, teams will have 3 minutes to make their selection.

- Please do not post your draft pick until you are called by either c2x or Rush17. The time to make your selection begins when your turn is called.

- Trading is permitted during the draft.

- Teams not present during the draft will not be awarded the "best player available". You must be present to make your draft selection, and if you cannot be present, please submit a draft list to canuck2xtreme. If everyone on your list is already gone, you will be passed over.

- Missed draft picks can be made up at the end of the round during the 10 minute intermission between rounds, or after the draft.


Players eligible to be drafted must be 20 years old or younger and not drafted by anyone in our league in previous seasons. Players that weren't drafted in our league in past drafts are eligible to be selected, as are players that were selected but were not signed to entry level deals within the two year period, provided they are 20 years old or younger on draft day.

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