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[GDT] 2021 NHL Expansion Draft

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1 minute ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

That can't be right...


1 minute ago, Devron44 said:

So this is actually the team they picked?


Just now, Coconuts said:

Huh, now that is a headscratcher 


Just now, Nucksfollower1983 said:

wait they actually picked those players on purpose? 

See the source image



Honestly its gotta be a lie.


If not this is AMAZING as a Canucks fan

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1 minute ago, viking mama said:

MC - dude says Vancouver Canucks  fans may jump ship and become Kraken fans because we are so “frustrated” with our own team.


Hell no!!!


We’ve been in it for 50+ years, and are not going to give anything up now! 


The MC is a (expletive deleted)stain. 

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54 minutes ago, whcanuck said:

The funny thing about that story/movie, the Oakland A’s had maybe the youngest/best top 3 starting pitchers in the game in Mulder, Hudson & Zito, with Zito winning the Cy Young in 2002. They also had the AL MVP in Miguel Tejada. None of those guys were barely even mentioned in the movie

I don’t follow baseball at all, but that doesn’t surprise me at all! Typical half truth bs  

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6 minutes ago, Jimmy McGill said:

Hard not to see Edmonton as the big losers today. Fumbled keeping Larsson, lost Jones and a 3rd to protect Punkin' Keith, and get to watch Eberle with Larsson. Ouch. 

Lets hope Taylor Hall signs there in free agency. "Seattle, the winners of the Hall/Larsson trade"

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