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[Rumor] Nate Schmidt being dealt very soon any minute now

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26 minutes ago, 73 Percent said:

Man I'm going to be bummed if this trade actually happens  

I feel the same. I honestly didn't believe the rumors, even up till yesterday, but I thinks it been more denial than anything else. There is just too much smoke for there not to be fire. I feel like with a full offseason and full training camp Schmidt could have rebounded quickly and considering what little it took to acquire him its a shame. Hopefully a good replacement can be had through the trade itself or by free agency but the market is slim at the moment.

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18 minutes ago, Amebushi said:

There are only a few things that players or their agents can do that I think are simply low. The biggest one is young RFA players holding out and refusing to play unless they get grossly overpaid. (Looking at you Nylander). The other is requesting a trade and refusing to accept what comes along. If you don’t like it here we will find somewhere else for you to go...NTC is supposed to prevent the team from trading you when you want to stay. If you ask for a trade then “no trade” should not apply. Please don’t jump all over me as I’m aware this isn’t how it works, but if you are a team player then stay and play. If you want out then get the F outta here!

Same, for me, if a player wants out and he blocks a trade with his ntc, then it is fair game to waive him and let whatever team claim them. That or be prepared to be buried in the minors.

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