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Canucks announce 2021-22 regular season schedule

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4 hours ago, Wilfred said:

Haha you can’t make it up. Not only is it a six game road trip, it’s a six game road trip with a completely random assortment of teams that makes no real sense at all.


My expectations were incredibly low and they still weren’t met. Just unbelievable.

I dunno the first 6 games are incredibly weak and it's nice to start on the road to bang a quick one off while the guys are rested and ready for road beersh

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After studying other teams' road schedule with focus on Canucks and Krakens home games.  The Canucks only get 2 home game on their opponents' 4th or 5th game road trip for a home game, Tampa Bay and Montreal (5th)..  Seattle often get its' opponent's 4th game of their trip a few more times and sometimes their 5th games on the road (Buffalo, Carolina(5th), Dallas, Detroit, Florida, NJ (5th), Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay (6th), Toronto, Vancouver (6th), and Washington.  Canucks got its tired teams, back to back game,  only six times at home: L.A., Winnipeg, Tampa Bay,  Calgary, NY Islanders, and Philadelphia.  Seattle got fewer tired team back to back games but get teams on their 4th game or longer at home.  So therefore Seattle got its slight advantage on term of scheduling related to catching tired teams on their lengthy trip at home.  So on other word, teams going to Vancouver will have more energy than when they face Seattle.   I do not know which has more advantage lengthy trip or back to back games.    So the ratio is 11:2 in favor of Seattle's whole season of home games within the Northwest region on their opponents' 4th game or more of their road trip.  I've given you the names of Seattle's opponents so you could easily study in which NHL favors Seattle more than the Canucks and it's nothing new.  

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The schedule is much more manageable than last year. Plus all those road games in Seattle will help reduce travel. I can’t wait for the season to start. I’m seeing playoffs. A healthy Petey will get us there.

I just hope the Canucks use their skate jersey as a frequently used third jersey. That’s a key to success this year.

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4 hours ago, mll said:


This is helpful. If they wanted to add in some advanced stats, they should include distance travelled between games too. Ottawa wouldn’t look too bad there, while Vancouver would be hurting.

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