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[Trade] Canucks trade Jay Beagle, Loui Eriksson, Antoine Roussel, 2021 1st-round pick, 2022 2nd-round pick, 2023 7th-round pick to Coyotes for Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Conor Garland

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1 minute ago, ShawnAntoski said:

Seems like a tax shelter type company for its billionaire owner - Arizona tax laws vs Quebec & Canada.

Ya..& them TV deals/markets & all that gibberish. As if we'd EVER wanna provide a product in regions that actually love the game!

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3 minutes ago, PLOGUE said:

I do not like this trade at all. We would have been in cap heaven after this year is done, now we have the new LE on for another 6 bloody years.  If OEL continues his downward trend we absolutely got destroyed in this trade.


JB is going to have to get something great for Schmidt/Holtby in order to make this less garbage.

I don’t like the trade because I really wanted to be patient for one more year ... however OEL is still one of the better dmen, and dmen get better into their 30s, so I’m not too worried about that.  

JB better replenish some picks here through other trades, I get that the amateur crop this year didn’t play much and was heavily under scouted, but we can’t have two years in a row where we don’t have a single good young prospect. 

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3 minutes ago, Down by the River said:

Someone has to...


It is hard to be excited about the product on the ice when it is so far away from being able to contend for the cup. That's why managing the cap is important, because it gets you closer to a point where you can be excited about the on-ice product. I'm not going to be excited about a Flames/Oilers/Leafs-type situation where they perennially underachieve in the postseason.


The Canucks had just one year to go before their major cap issues were over. Benning clearly couldn't wait that long and the Aquas wanted that ticket revenue back, and so here we are. 


I think Garland is a great add. I think OEL will be better than his past performance, but still nowhere worth his current salary, even with 1.2 mil off the books. This would have been a great deal 3 years ago. Making the deal now just feels like a lack of patience.   

So you are a fan so that you can enjoy the offseason?


I can’t think of a sport or anything else where I’d be more invested in the stuff behind the scenes. Where you can just see and find out bits of whats going on. It os way easier and more fun to enjoy the moment when the best players meet and play a game you can enjoy. 

Older fans must remember when Canucks signings were announced something like ”as per club policy, details of the deal are not disclosed”


Not a trade like now of course, but we signed a player and it said 4 years and that was that. Then we were excited to see him play.

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4 minutes ago, timberz21 said:

So your not happy losing a player that won’t play for the Canucks before 2025?

IMO, yes. Because this team isn't going to compete for a cup for another 4-5 years, so have a cost-controlled pick to round out the bottom 6 fwds/3rd pair defence is exactly what teams need. 


Does this trade make the Canucks better? Absolutely. Does it make them good enough to compete for a cup? Definitely not. So, you lose a strong player by trading your 9th OA, a depth player in your 2023 2nd rd pick, and you will have a bloated OEL contract when you're ready to start legitimately competing. 


All Benning had to do was wait one more year to be rid of a lot of the cap troubles he created for this team. Instead, he jumped the gun. He'll get out ahead for a few moments before the rest of the field catches up and inevitably passes him by. 

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3 minutes ago, tas said:

macewen missed his shot in van. green literally laughed aloud when asked by media about playing macewen at centre at a time when almost all of the team's centres were hurt ... he has no trust in the guy. 

I'd like to see Graovac return at 4C.  Big body with speed.

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This is a dumb trade. We took on 42 million plus whatever we pay Garland. We got rid of 12 million that’s expiring at the end of next year. So straight up salary exchanges we were behind big time. Obviously we get a good player in Garland but is he worth all those picks plus us taking on a terrible contract? I think it’s a bad trade. Just my opinion. 

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I’d imagine JB would trade this year’s first to save his job……..but not for OEL, who has been in a downfall ever since signing that huge contract.

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10 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

Not happy about losing the 2nd next year. That's pretty lame. 

Love the irony.  

next year is a second.  If not recouped some how and that frees up how much salary right when we need to sign Petey and Hughes and bolster the club in one or two more spots.  

this gives some NHL caliber players own and JB could still land a player this year in the second that could have an impact down the line.  

he was given a mandate by management and if Loui is gone I am happy.  


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