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[Trade] Canucks trade Jay Beagle, Loui Eriksson, Antoine Roussel, 2021 1st-round pick, 2022 2nd-round pick, 2023 7th-round pick to Coyotes for Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Conor Garland

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Just now, Aladeen said:

People were talking about moving the 9th just to get rid of dead cap but JB did that and got a top 4 (2) D and top 6 winger in return. This is better than anyone could have asked for IMO. The 2nd and 7th round picks are inconsequential IMO. 


JB traded 3 lottery tickets (the best ticket for a very uncertain draft) for getting rid of 12 million dead cap and acquiring 2 very good players. I see nothing but a win here. 

Who's going to play defense on the blueline?  Triple shift Schmidt?

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15 minutes ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Ya..& them TV deals/markets & all that gibberish. As if we'd EVER wanna provide a product in regions that actually love the game!

In the end, with big money all can structured to be profitable to the main holding company.   



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11 minutes ago, 50 Years and Counting said:

The incompetence continues......

I feel like we should have gotten to that 2m retention mark with that 2nd added, overall I think this makes us a lot better on D. for a few years but the last 2/3 years he will be a heavy hit. See how the cap increases by then! This Garland kid sounds awesome though too. 

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26 minutes ago, Spoosh said:

The problem in my view is people overthinking it way too much. For whatever reason fans think it is their problem to manage the cap and analyze deals and future what ifs. 
I’m looking forward to seeing the on-ive product. Everything else will be fixed by people well aware of the financial landscape in the NHL and trust me they have thought this through. 

We gave up nothing of real value compared to what we got in return. We moved out 3 players proven to be past their prime and not being able to help the team and one good chance (still just a chance).


We got a great top-9 energy guy and a proven d-man with more upside than anyone we moved out. 

I can appreciate a good turn off your brain / enjoy watching the game moment, especially when I'm watching the team live. Just that fans are right to be concerned if they want to see a path towards a future cup and not a one and done playoff team. 


I'm also not totally set on appealing to authority here. Being in the industry does not preclude you from making mistakes (see Chia, Botterill, Holland). Especially when the three players we moved out were initially signed by this brain trust.


If OEL was a few years younger i'd agree with you, but he's past his prime as well, and the same age as when we brought Loui in.


I do like the player but I'm very skeptical how he will be for the next seven years and this is essentially trading three short term bad contracts that our GM signed for one big long term one. 


Anyways this is one trade in isolation. Let's see how the rest of the offseason goes. 

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I could stomach  9oa for Reinhardt because he fits our needs and age profile but wtf is JB's obsession that is the old/slow/overpaid declining asset known as OEL?    


I pray to whatever hockey gods that are listening that JB nixed OEL NTC when the transaction occurred. 

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Out/Likely Out













Players likely still to be traded



OEL will be much better now that he has a competent team and players he can pass to. OEL will return to form no doubt in my mind.


Once we move Schmidt and Holtby we free another 10m in cap space. 

We need to find a 3c/4c and a top 4 dman and our roster is set. 

Miller Pettersson Boeser

Garland Horvat Hoglander

Pearson Dickinson Podkolzin

Motte ??? Hymore 


Hughes OEL

Rathbone ???

Juolevi Myers 


Roster definitley looks improved in my opinion

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3 minutes ago, appleboy said:

The point is , by doing this they are saying that they are all in this year. They are saying that they are ready to compete , now. If this doesn't work their is nothing coming down the pipe. Yes some of the players are young and have a bigger window then others. They must win now or in a few years we WILL be back in a rebuild mode.


This is not a cup contender. Maybe a playoff team. Their is literally no path to the cup with this team. Only another rebuild in the future.

Go cheer for another team

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Interesting trade I'm kinda indifferent to this trade. Don't hate it, I don't mind it.

To dump LE, Beagle and AR would probably cost the 1st or a few 2nd picks and a 3rd pick. Garland is a nice piece he would probably have gotten something like a 1st and a prospect he is RFA.

OEL, I don't know, I mean at 7 mill for 6 yrs until he his 35, he won't be worse than Edler who had 6 mill the last 2 yrs and is 35 now, to me its almost a wash in replacing 35 yr old Edler for 29 yr old OEL. I think Arizona wouldn't have had to give up picks to move OEL but may have only gotten a 2nd round pick while retaining the same 1 million or so. 

Also this saves the Canucks from going after Hyman at 5+ million for 7yrs. That would have been bad. 

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I'm pretty torn on this trade as many others are. 


I don't know OEL well (he was in Arizona after all), used to hear great things about his play and over the last year or so mainly negative talk around him and his contract. Garland sounds like he is a great addition. I would like this more if we could have gotten them to retain a little more salary on OEL or if we didn't have to add in the 2nd next year. 


Does anyone know if Garland likely has already agreed on an extension with Vancouver? 

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Just now, NewbieCanuckFan said:

Who's going to play defense on the blueline?  Triple shift Schmidt?

You think OEL can't play defense? He can, Hughes can, Myers Can, UFA D man can, Rathbone can - they are all NHL Dmen after all, you don't get there by not playing defense. 


Not to mention we are going to have some very good 2 way forwards, if healthy to compliment them and work as 5 man unit - which is the only way to win these days.  

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12 minutes ago, Spoosh said:

So you are a fan so that you can enjoy the offseason?


I can’t think of a sport or anything else where I’d be more invested in the stuff behind the scenes. Where you can just see and find out bits of whats going on. It os way easier and more fun to enjoy the moment when the best players meet and play a game you can enjoy. 

Older fans must remember when Canucks signings were announced something like ”as per club policy, details of the deal are not disclosed”


Not a trade like now of course, but we signed a player and it said 4 years and that was that. Then we were excited to see him play.

No, I pay attention to the offseason so that I can be informed as a fan. 


I'm 34. I was part of the Pavel Bure fanclub when I was like 7 years old. I don't care about being good. I've seen good. I want to see the team I cheer for win one Stanley Cup in my lifetime. I'm willing to go through years of misery if I think it is for all the right reasons. I'm not willing to go through years of mediocrity where we see a competitive team sometimes do well but not actually well enough to win a cup. 

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14 minutes ago, Timråfan said:

Ehh, I think Benning is a loser but this trade works fine for me. 

Louie was a loss from year 1,  a total write off,

a wreck.  
I’d rather eat a sandwich with mystery meat on it than suffer through one more season of Eriksson.


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