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[Trade] Canucks trade Jay Beagle, Loui Eriksson, Antoine Roussel, 2021 1st-round pick, 2022 2nd-round pick, 2023 7th-round pick to Coyotes for Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Conor Garland

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3 minutes ago, DownUndaCanuck said:

Bet he and Beagle will have a Brad Richardson-like resurgence...

I have nothing against Beagle I like the way he plays so that’s a possible. LE was done 2 years ago 

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Strange to hear how Garland was treated, that he wanted to stay through the rebuild and Arizona didn't contact him at all. 


He will be loved in Vancouver, he's tenacious, exciting, a bit like Hoglander, and will suit that line with Bo nicely.

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34 minutes ago, nowhereman said:

HFCanucks is losing it's f***ing mind right now and most are proclaiming that they're jumping ship for the Kraken.


Mind you, that's just an average day for that place.

They must be all big Gavin Bayreuther fans.

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Just now, KoreanHockeyFan said:

All Benning had to do was just wait 1 more year...why.


I'll hope for the best, but this trade is a no-go for me. 

The time is now. Waiting another year to only miss the playoffs and have our young prospects burn another year off their ELC? 

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3 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

That is a lot of second round draft picks for the Coyotes.



Lots of lottery tickets.  They might come out with nothing.  Garland and OEL are already winning tickets.  

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3 minutes ago, rychicken said:

Have they confirmed Dec 19 is Loui's Ring of honour night?? I'll need to book off early to get there for the pre-game ceremony...

@-SN- can you please fire this question up the chain? I also do not want to miss this night.


I feel like I have been a loyal Eriksson supporter over the years.. :ph34r:

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Just now, Aladeen said:

You think OEL can't play defense? He can, Hughes can, Myers Can, UFA D man can, Rathbone can - they are all NHL Dmen after all, you don't get there by not playing defense. 

Great offensively.  Defensively?  eh, not remotely as good.  Hughes has a the legitimate excuse as he's young & still learning.  Rathbone is a rookie.  There's a reason why Schmidt had all those tough defensive assignments even though he's primarily a solid two-way defenseman vs shutdown specialist.

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