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[Trade] Canucks trade Jay Beagle, Loui Eriksson, Antoine Roussel, 2021 1st-round pick, 2022 2nd-round pick, 2023 7th-round pick to Coyotes for Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Conor Garland

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5 minutes ago, DSVII said:

The other part of this trade will be interesting to keep an eye on. Connor Garland if he turns out good  will take the sting off having a depleted farm system the next two years. 

Most of the reason the farm system is depleted is because of how many of our prospects have turned into nhl stars so quickly

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12 minutes ago, Maddogy said:

Not a fan of this trade although I appreciate the motivation and logic. 


This trade transferred all of the risks to Vancouver. Is Ekman-Larsson going to play well for Van? How much will Garland sign for? This trade is a GAMBLE for Vancouver. 


Ekman- Larsson is not a RD. He came off another bad year. Garland is tiny and may not perform well in the playoffs. Vancouver has arguably overpaid by throwing in the 2nd round draft pick. 


Nonetheless, I still think J.B. is a decent G.M. He is pretty average, not bad and not great. 



I'm trying to be fair in my criticism. I would add to my previous post in quote that although I still think this trade is too much of a gamble and the 2nd rounder is overpayment, I am very glad that Vancouver is not losing any young players/prospects in this trade. 

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13 minutes ago, Sbriggs said:

A late 1st & a 2nd and a bunch of cap relief so Benning can finish the job

Schmidt might get a first this year, and a second next season, plus a prospect. If Buffalo got that from Philly! I go out for three hours, and WOW! JB, you did good. OEL, and Garland both rumoured to be on the Canuck radar are here. 3 contracts gone, and with the Sedin influence, maybe OEL will get out of the country club atmosphere of Glendale, and into hockey mode again. 

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1 minute ago, Fred65 said:

The only redeeming feature might be is if JB has another FA signing to come. As it stands now it's a disgrace. Think of this we decided not to sign Tanev for  4 year $4 mil contract and then we sign OEL who's best years are behind him for another 6 years at approx $6 mill. Get real, we'll trade Schmidt for a 2nd or 3rd. When is this going to stop. This rumour that JB is moving to Seattle ( JB family lives in Portland) might be a case of messing with the Canucks for years to come LOL as he leaves

You're wrong Fred.





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2 minutes ago, Aladeen said:

So why don't you wait to see the details before spouting off that the trade is garbage when you don't have all the facts? But I guess your thoughts on the matter are more important than reality I'm sure. 

Man that movie about you is true, you really are mean. 

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2 minutes ago, gizmo2337 said:

I can't wait to see Loui score the empty netter in the desert next season. I will salute you sir! Extra insurance is the key to winning.



In true Loui fashion, his first ENer will be on opening night as it slides into the back of his own net. He will spend the rest of the season seeking redemption. 

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