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[Trade] Canucks trade Jay Beagle, Loui Eriksson, Antoine Roussel, 2021 1st-round pick, 2022 2nd-round pick, 2023 7th-round pick to Coyotes for Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Conor Garland

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So, as I'm reading this, the Canucks gain Ekman-Larsson, who is a top-2(?) L-side d-man, Garland, who is from most reports, a pretty good winger to probably strengthen the middle-6, and a loss in cap savings for the short term.


The Canucks trade away the 9OA from this year, their 2nd from 2022, their 7th from this year, Beagle, Eriksson and Roussel. (JB giving away 7th round picks like they were candy...)


Eriksson and Roussel's combined cap is $9 million total which eats all of Ekman-Larsson's cap for this season, with about $750,000 left over. Beagle's cap is a further $3 million, but isn't he going to stay on LITR(?),  if so, doesn't that give Arizona a free $3 million on their cap for this year which the Canucks don't get, yes? Garland gets thrown on the pile of UFAs and RFAs still to be paid. 


I'd say that for on ice talent and cap flexibility, this opens the Canucks' window a season ahead of schedule, so all in all, I guess this is a win (with a few more additions/deletions and guys needing to be paid). The Canucks might lose a guy or two when the time for assignments comes around, and that will likely play into who they try to send down.


Pettersson, Horvat, Dickinson and ???? for centers (a new guy, or from among the usual list of suspects for short term fill ins at center)


Wingers would be from among: Boeser, Gadjovich, Garland, Hawryluk, Highmore, Hoglander, MacEwen, Miller, Motte, Pearson, Podkolzin, anyone new?, anyone else who I've forgotten to mention. Feel free to fight among yourselves who should be on which line, etc. Let the coach know when you're done.  Would you feel annoyed if Hoglander was assigned to Abbottsford? Him and Podkolzin are the only forwards (who have a chance of making the team) who are waivers exempt. If it's that or risking Gadjovich, Hawrlyuk Highmore or MacEwen what do you do?


The left side of the defense looks crowded with Ekman-Larson, Hughes, Juolevi and Rathbone (Rathbone likely to be sent down because he is waivers exempt). The right side needs more with only Myers, Schmidt and (UFA/trade?). Maybe Hamonic comes back. Maybe the Canucks pick up a RD in free agency (what about $$?).


I still would have liked using the pick....


Meh, Giants game tonight.


                                                         regards,  G.

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1 minute ago, nucksnavsfan said:

Out- Edler #23

in- OEL #23

both Swedes 





Edler is an interesting comparable to OEL considering he just earned a 6 mil contract at 34-35 and OEL just turned 30 with 6 years left on a 7 mil deal. 

IF (big if) a re energized OEL can stabilize his play in Vancouver his contract looks pretty reasonable. (I also saw it’s pretty buyout-friendly down the line as well.)

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2 minutes ago, NHL'er said:

Super sensitive but would we have needed to make this trade if we had just-resigned Toffoli? :ph34r:

Totally unrealistic, tofu didn’t bring what this does

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1 minute ago, Fanuck said:

Someone please help me with this - did JB void OEL NMC when this transaction happened? 


This would help me process this trade.


Please,  somebody?

NMC doesn't mean anything for this. Ekman-Larsson goes to Vancouver, as indicated on his go to places. The other rumoured place was Boston.

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5 minutes ago, Wolfgang Durst said:

One of the worst trades in Canucks history.


- only 12% retained of OEL's contract , that's a joke

- 5.10 , 165lbs smallish forward

- our 1st round pick involved

- Roussel, Beagle + Eriksson contracts just one year left, could have wait one more year, but no , Canucks are IMPATIENT and RUSH THINGS


OEL ' albatross contract is the worst thing what could have happened to VAN.

Desperate move from a desperate GM.



And yet Garland has been of the best right wingers in the NHL for the past 2 seasons.

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