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[Trade] Canucks trade Jay Beagle, Loui Eriksson, Antoine Roussel, 2021 1st-round pick, 2022 2nd-round pick, 2023 7th-round pick to Coyotes for Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Conor Garland

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2 minutes ago, .Naslund said:

He plays great when he's on Sweden with actual NHL players and not muddling his career away in Arizona where there's no fans, and no passion for hockey. He's probably pumped to play with some fellow countrymen and play some meaningful hockey for the first time in his NHL career.  You can crunch numbers as much as you want but hockey players and humans in general are emotional beings.  He could've been burnt out in Arizona for sure. Look at James Harden situation in Houston at the beginning of the year 

OEL is the Kevin Love of the NHL. Washed up guy making superstar money on an awful contract with term remaining.


Also not the first time in his career. The Coyotes have made it further in the playoffs than we have since we made it to the finals. Both teams have been mediocre for a decade now basically. 


Maybe the effort level picks up. I would hope it does. 

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9 minutes ago, Elias Pettersson said:

Right. Cause analytics got Arizona to become a bottom feeder. Where’s John Chayka?  He must be working in secret with Ron Francis. 

I mean, Chayka did take the Coyotes to the playoffs, before abruptly being let go for his stupidity.

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Just now, combover said:

Why will he do well here? 
it’s more like fingers crossed he does well here just because it isn’t phx. Huh

yeah wait for the contracts to expire actually have cap flexibility to make sure we can sign import guys.

( foresight) 


We aren’t a cup team with OEL and we won’t be for atleast a few more years just in time for OEL to be worthless except the 7.5 in cap he collecting 

And just in time to see that 9th coming into the league.



this will be Yet another “hindsight” excuse. 




Nope,  it’s going to be a great year of hockey in Vancouver.  
I leave you with wishing for the unknown,

I’ll watch this team turn a page towards success.

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3 minutes ago, Heretic said:

We got rid of Loui - everyone should be Happy Happy Happy!

They just took LE and turned it around and added an O.    OEL.    Plus another 5 years at 7 mil.



That cost us a 9th overall ,a 2nd and a 7th.         LOL




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1 hour ago, wallstreetamigo said:

If Benning had been replaced, no chance this deal happens. He essentially traded one year of cap issues for 6. Its a save his job trade clear as day. And probably also shows just how clearly the players and owners are getting sick of losing.


Having said that, this trade is not nealy as bad as I thought it would be. Losing the 9OA was what I always expected the price was going to be to move dead weight. To move 3 bad contracts out and get Garland back suggests to me it is worth it at this point.


My concern comes from the defense though. We do not have even on eguy who could be considered a true defensive dman. So another few moves need to be made.


One of Rathbone or Juolevi will likely be moved now. Hopefully we get full value. Still no one to play with Hughes though.


If this is the first of a chain reaction it will not be a bad deal overall. I am not a fan of Benning (or OEL tbh) but I am witholding judging this trade too harshly until we see how he rounds things out around it. 


24 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

This seems unnecessary. I know you hate the trade and want to voice your opinion, but maybe take a bit of time to cool off?

Here is what I said about the trade way back on page 28


Not sure how it qualifies as hate or me needing to cool off.


The guy I was responding to was being a tool. Read what he responded to and kindly point out where I said Boeser was declining at age 24.


Edit: your response assuming I was hating on the trade amounts to you acting like a tool as well. I was calling out a guy for a hyperbolic lie that I never even came remotely close to saying.

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1 minute ago, Tom Sestito said:

Chayka is seen as a moron by the analytics community. This is a weird straw man that you’re using to deflect because you can’t accept the fact that OEL isn’t a top pairing D anymore.


This isn’t even some sort of advanced analytic. If you play against a team’s 4th line, you will have a low QOC. This isn’t rocket science. 

For me given all that surrounded that franchise skewed his game. When your young playing on a crappy team is fine as long as you personally up your value. A guy like OEL who had a mutual diststian of contempt with Tochett, playing for a franchise that is more concerned with money then winning, a guy with nothing to play for isn't going to be at his best. hes young, relatively healthy and is now playing for a team he actively wanted to come to and is hell bent on winning. I really don't thinks it's a stretch to say we see a better OEL.

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