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[Trade] Canucks trade Jay Beagle, Loui Eriksson, Antoine Roussel, 2021 1st-round pick, 2022 2nd-round pick, 2023 7th-round pick to Coyotes for Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Conor Garland

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2 minutes ago, SilentSam said:

Nope,  it’s going to be a great year of hockey in Vancouver.  
I leave you with wishing for the unknown,

I’ll watch this team turn a page towards success.

I mean I do find it quite baffling but not surprising the anti-Benning crowd would react this way led by their leader Blake Price.  We have seen firsthand what a change of scenery can do, JT, Toffoli, are two of our own examples. The fact we improved without a buyout or losing picks is already a big win. If he wants he can still create an additional 13 million in cap to further add.

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At first I was "Wow! we're actually getting OEL and Garland!  Hmm sucks to lose the 1st, but wait a minute...Benning was able to trade Eriksson, Roussel and Beagle too?"


Reminds me of a song


"Master! Master! Master of Armstrong, Jim's pulling his strings!!"


I feel lighter

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1 minute ago, Dixon Ward said:

The more I analyze this deal, the more I want to tell all of the negative whiners on here and in the media to bite me.  OEL is a helluva player and garland is a top 15 winger in the league.  We also have cap space and Dickinson.  If your not happy with this, you are an irrational Benning hater and not a Canucks fan.  Go cheer for Buffalo, they have lots of Draft picks to cheer for.

I went down to ARI a few years back to watch the Nucks. OEL was the fan fav. I know he has had some bumps along the way but man was he good at that time and the crowd went wild.

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10 minutes ago, bree2 said:

all the whiners wanted to get rid of roussell, beagle, and especially erickson and now Benning has and they all are still whining,  be happy Benning just made our team better

They are just going through the grieving process Bree. First come the anger, then the denial. So may whipping boys gone at once. 
What to do? :frantic:

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18 minutes ago, Dazzle said:

No, he's not worth it.

This is what happens next, I think. Schmidt's likely gone, so we'll get some cap space, and/or roster players and/or draft picks.

Holtby, we can either keep him, or we can trade him. Either way we still have an asset we can use. Buyout is a waste, but it could save us cap space if need be.


All we need is to fill in the roster with cheapish players, which we have plenty of in the system. Guys like Macewen, Bailey, Gadjovich, etc all have a chance to make a solid contribution to this team.


Fourth line - A cheap player, whether it be our farm team or UFA, we have space now.


We're going to be just fine.

I think we should keep holtby and Schmidt. Our teams different now

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