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[Trade] Canucks trade Jay Beagle, Loui Eriksson, Antoine Roussel, 2021 1st-round pick, 2022 2nd-round pick, 2023 7th-round pick to Coyotes for Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Conor Garland

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16 minutes ago, ilduce39 said:

3 years ago he was 11th in Norris voting.


Ive seen the Jfresh graphic on OEL like everyone else but do we really believe Dickinson is a “top 5” defensive forward in the league?  (I like the pickup but come on.)  It seems like some fans never fail to take good stats with a bag of salt and bad stats as gospel. 

I also remember reading that Tanev’s underlying stats were in “decline” when we let him walk to Calgary… those stats are very hard to rely on when guys are changing teams.  

At the very least I’m willing to judge the guy on what he does in a Canuck sweater before declaring him dead weight.

These are the same guys who said trading Subban for Weber was a disaster for Montreal. They’re not always right.


But they were right about Gudbranson, and to a lesser extent, Myers. Hopefully Vancouver has a better read on OEL.

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6 minutes ago, khay said:

Latsson went for 4. I think Savard can be had cheaper. I hope we sign him. 

Hard to say with Oleksiak's deal though (and alleged comments by Savard that he doesn't want to play in Canada).


I like Hakanpaa as well - and even a tweener like Ceci would be a good addition imo if you can add a second RHD UFA.

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Just now, SedinMadness said:

Well we helped Phoenix. Now they tank again next year with all the garbage. Remember Phoenix has buyouts options as well and Louis contract is up this year!!. I think we gave up too many draft picks as usual. But we did iff load a bunch of garbage. I laugh if Louis get 30 goals

JB signs him as UFA 6X6 next summer. LETS DO THIS

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1 minute ago, gurn said:

I'd do that, saves a bit of cap hit, as well as getting rougher/tougher.

In a stunning, masterstroke J.B. announces the back up goalie for next season will be the just unretired Roberto Luongo at 1.5 mill for 1 season, saving another $1.5 mill of space.

and Gretzky Signs for 750

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1 minute ago, guntrix said:

Exactly. Absolutely huge gamble by Benning. 

Those referencing the dead cap going the other way forgot to mention the fact that it’s coming off the books in a year’s time. 

If OEL continues his decline, we’ll have a total albatross of a contract that we’ll have to deal with. 

It’s obviously too early to come to a conclusion but this could either be a blessing or a complete disaster. 

Yep, gotta have balls to win in your window ...and we got Garland in this trade too.


Waiting around just depletes our core.


Retrospect will tell.


The doubter will rejoice if things dont work out, turn tail and lie if things do. 

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I see this as a good hockey trade. Arizona gets a great pick this year, a second next year and a $1 scratch and win. The dead cap means nothing to them as they expect to suck. We get a year of huge cap relief, a very attractive young second liner and OEL. We take the risk but also the potential reward. If Ekman Larson can get to 80% of what he was 3 years ago here with actual team mates, and support then JB knocked it out of the park. If he continues to decline then we are back in Louie hell for a long time. He did say he was going to be aggressive. 

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2 hours ago, Maginator said:

Super excited for what JB brings in for the bottom 6 aswell!


Vesey, Boyd, Rouss, Sutter, Beags... :picard:


See the door gentlemen!

Those are all the guys he brought in thou. Lol 

He’ll do better this time just 7 years of mulligans. 

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30 minutes ago, cuporbust said:

Seriously,  everyone around here has whined about Beagle roussel and erriksson s contracts for how long ? We get rid of all three,  plus add a 25 year old winger that had 39 points in 49 games on a horrible team, and the teams top 4 d man captain with salary retained for a first , second and a 7th. Still not enough? Shut the F up IMO

Yes now that the initial shock has worn off.....just gotta hope that OEL, Garland and Dickinson have break out years....

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