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[Signing] Blackhawks re-sign Seth Jones

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Term isn't as bad since he's not even quite 27 yet, but still a bit risky. Couple of years ago, I would've said this was fine. This year it looks pretty scary for Chicago. If he can bounce back, he'll be worth it. Otherwise, this is OEL 2.0.



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39 minutes ago, Ohthehumanity said:

Keep in mind that Tampa pays zero state tax, so Hedman's contract makes him more money than Pietrangelo. The league needs to step in and level the playing field with these teams that get a leg up like this.

Not to mention the cap wizardry (circumvention) that Tampa is allowed to get away with.

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2 hours ago, Phil_314 said:

Agreed, sounds like an overpayment.  Pietrangelo signed for $8.8 million and I don't know if he's better than him, and then there's Hedman (who might be an anomaly) at $7.875.  Sure his type has gained value with how he can influence all aspects of the game but he's not consistently as dominant as those other guys.

I think Peitrangelo is an all round better d- man.

The strong part of Jones game his point production has been going down however that is how his team has been trending.

9.5 is definitely an overpayment IMO.

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Hedman's cap hit is 7.8M and this was signed relatively recently. Sure, his play since signing it has gotten better so he's probably worth a good 9M now. That's Hedman, the best defenceman in the league right now and by a long shot.


Heiskanen's deal really ruined this one. He's good, he's a top-2 defenceman, no doubt about it, but currently he's only ever scored at a 40 point pace, although he is solid defensively and logs big minutes. An 8.4M deal for him may be a bit premature in my eyes, probably needed a bridge contract to see if he'll ever produce better offensive figures, but these are big deals for players all worse than prime Norris/back-to-back Cup winning Hedman, especially as the flat cap continues.


Now Jones and the Blackhawks have the audacity to drop 9.5M on a long term deal for a 40 point pace physical top-2 defenceman? Yes, he produces offence and yes he's strong and physical but is he 1-2M better than Hedman? Nowhere close. Is he even a top-5 or top-10 defenceman in the league? Maybe top 10 at a stretch.


They just cleared cap, now they shrink it in a heart beat. Boqist may be one of the best defensive prospects as well, big gamble here.


These boards would be fuming if JB paid this sort of price for Seth Jones, suddenly OEL at 7M with a nice buyout release (can buy him out and only take a 2M cap hit) doesn't seem so bad...

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