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There is going to be qualification tournament for 2022 Olympic Games at the end of August where Belarus national team will play against Slovakia, Austria and Poland - the tournament winner is going to participate in next Winter Games. Would be interesting if Klimovich plays for the national team.

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30 minutes ago, linden17 said:

Yeah it seems like they are hoping that and taking a huge chance. Could be another player taken late that turns into a steal or it could turn out that he never makes it. I personally like the gamble at this point with no first rounders the past two


I feel the opposite way, not having a 1st round pick in back to back years followed by no 3/4th round picks this year and no 2/3rd round picks next year I think we should have taken a more safe pick. I don't recall anyone on this board or any insider suggesting this player for our 2nd round pick. I hope he works out, I was really hoping we would draft RHD heavily this draft but we spread it out again.


No idea why we seem to draft a G every year, I know they take time to develop but Demko is 25, Mikey D is young, Silovs young. I would have rather taken rhd Mr. Bar with that 5th rounder seeing as he was projected to go much earlier. Only time will tell tho, I just feel we went a bit too far out on a limb with limited picks early.

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