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On 7/29/2021 at 3:17 AM, MystifyNCrucify said:

Odd thing to admit. I think hed likely have a more positive reaction if he said.....


”Yeah sometimes i like  to do the welsh wiggle with the local sheep, but eriksson sucks.”


Canucks fans “Yeah screw eriksson! Good pick! Welcome to Vancouver! Not many sheep here though.”

I'm sure he has no idea how Eriksson is viewed by Canucks fans.  His thinking was most likely:  'Here's another Swede who plays (played) on the Canucks.  If I say that I'm a fan of his, their fans will love me too!'  It's likely just as random and as innocent as that.

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3 minutes ago, Fred65 said:

Allsvenskan, lest we forget

Just drafted young kid, who is still physically maturing - lest you forget.  

Seriously, we have an elite young core.  Excellent support players, and some fantastic young prospects!  

Look at the Loser Leafs and their Dumbass Shanaplan.  It’s a total failure.  They have overpaid core players, who are all look at me me guys.  And no prospects.  Drink some booze man, and be a fan.  


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