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[Speculation] Drance & Dhaliwal: Jake McCabe & Brendan Smith are two D UFAs Canucks will be interested in

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In the event that Schmidt is dealt before the market opens on July 28, expect the Canucks to target several defenders in free agency.


Two names we’re hearing at the moment that the Canucks could target to help offset the anticipated loss of Alex Edler and the possible loss of Schmidt and Travis Hamonic: Jake McCabe and Brendan Smith.


Full article: https://theathletic.com/2722039/2021/07/23/what-were-hearing-about-the-canucks-plans-ahead-of-the-2021-nhl-draft-and-free-agency/


From Larry Brooks:


From Buffalo GM:




"Jake, we’ve definitely had conversations all along here. I am a big fan of Jake McCabe as a player and a person. I think we’re at a spot here where he has gotten close that he said, ‘I think I’m going to see what’s out there.’ Doesn’t mean that I get a phone call from his agent that we wouldn’t welcome him back because I really think he was a good hockey player for us."


It's no secret why the Sabres want [him] to return. 


Full article: https://buffalonews.com/sports/sabres/sabres-pushing-to-sign-goalie-linus-ullmark-jake-mccabe-expected-to-reach-ufa/article_aa9f94ba-ecd7-11eb-9dc3-473f0a6134ef.html

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12 minutes ago, 70seven said:

Big yes to McCabe…. Not so much on Smith.

I agree at first glance I'd prefer McCabe. Saying that, Smith has some veteran qualities that might make him an ideal 3rd pairing/PKer/7D guy next year to compete and mentor Rathbone and/or Juolevi. An article on him, for example:




Then Smith, with guile and discipline, drew a third-period penalty — his specialty, something he’s done more than any defenseman in the league — which ultimately led to a late power-play goal in a 3-1 victory over Buffalo, the Rangers’ third win in a row.


“Smitty’s meant a lot to us for a long time,” Rangers coach David Quinn said. “I thought that might have been his best game of the year. He did so many things for us tonight at key times. Obviously, the goal’s huge; he draws a penalty. But just his overall game, I just really liked. He means so much to us on and off the ice. He’s a personality, he’s a leader, and I’m just really happy for the way things went tonight for him.”....


Then the past two years he was pretty much an afterthought, though he totally bought in when Quinn made him a virtually full-time (except for penalty killing) fourth-line winger. This season, with the need for a veteran on the baby-faced back end, Smith has been just a defenseman, and on most nights a damn good one.



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15 minutes ago, Jimmy McGill said:

Are we planning on moving Quinn over to the right side? 

Thing is he is kind of a rover out there so theres more positional fluidity regardless. So what side he is on doesn’t matter.


but we will see what Shaw and them are planning!

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McCabe and Smith would be decent depth LHDs.  Not sure about McCabe but I know Smith played both LD and RD with NYR (and LW too for that matter).  Smith is a bit of an agitator and will back it up with his fists if needed.


I wonder if Rathbone will spend most of the year with Abbotsford.  Someone else mentioned how the proximity of the farm team might allow for the Canucks to carry players differently.  Since Rathbone is still waiver exempt, maybe they might actually try to sign a LHD who can play regular top 6 minutes and just drop in Rathbone whenever needed?  

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Jake is great target played all tough minutes in Buffalo before you got hurt and might of been there only consistent d they’ve have past few years and can play right side like he did in Buffalo he would slide in nicely with ek to clean up his mistakes get it done benning

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Joulevi to Winnipeg for 2nd copp

schmidt to Florida gudas 3rd

sign McCabe,hakanpää


jt miller pettersson boeser

hoglander horvat garland

pearson copp podz

motte Dickson gadz



ek McCabe 

hughes gudas

rath myers


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I like both actually, Smith fights and sticks up for his teammates without hesitation and McCabe doesn't discriminate who he hits.


I think we could get Smith for the contract Hamonic signed for and he would be a good 6th or 7th.


McCabe would be a little more pricy, but I don't think there's going to be a bidding war for him.

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