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[Buyout] Canucks terminate Virtanen’s contract

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1 minute ago, Primal Optimist said:

Totally agree. I am not a fan of the front office crew but I think they are capable and will steer us back to where we fans want to be. I still maintain that no one forsaw L.E. falling off a cliff offensively the day after he signed his deal and the league is just WRONG on the Lou cap recapture penalty that was a legal deal prior to the league signing a new deal...totally terrible decision by the NHL Commish on that one. So for me, the last few days has been a good outcome to a bad situation. Now let us see how much Petey and the Bear cost us from next years cap and who we can add in FA. 

People forget that after Dorsett got injured it fell to Loui to take that defensive forward role. I don't know if it's a coaching thing, but many of our players' offensive game fell off once they were put in a defensive role.

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47 minutes ago, RWMc1 said:

They dangled him and no-one bit. I don't think he's eligible for the second buyout window and we would have had to have a guy going to arbitration. Today was the last day to waive for buyout I believe.


Taking him with his cap hit wasn't worth it to anyone when they can get him for cheap; if anyone takes a chance on him. If they do, I hope it's in an armpit city. He had it too easy here.


I don't think he's done in the NHL but it's time to grow up. The final wake up call.

Well, it's about time !     He should have never been re-signed last year after floating around aimlessly for the previous two seasons and setting a poor example for our young core - being rewarded with a contract extension for being a lazy unmotivated player.   Unfortunately for him, this years scandal was his ticket out of here and made Uncle Jim's decision easy to rid the team of him under those conditions rather than admit that his decision to Draft Lazy Jake was a terrible mistake - in the first place.  That was the real problem!

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1 minute ago, ba;;isticsports said:

I remember hearing for years that is wasn't Virtanen's fault, including this year. that it was Green's fault for not using him on the 1st line or PK :rolleyes:


I think Green was correct all along in the way he 'managed' Virtanen - inching him along, making him earn it, making him develop off the puck first and foremost, not giving him anything prematurely (whereas prior to Green, the team brought a pair of fairly young-minded prospects into the fold prematurely imo - both Virtanen and McCann) - whereas Green was trying to cultivate that drive to earn more and be consistent as a basis to earning more. 

Virtanen appeared to understand and respect what Green was doing - one of the key reasons I had patience with Virtanen - he never appeared disappointed with his role, he never appeared to question what Green was teaching/telling him.  

For some people becoming an 'adult' doesn't come until the mid-20s (if ever) - unfortunately growing up off the ice came too late, where mistakes don't cost a (relatively) meaningless goal or penalty.  Anyhow - I see no point in hating on 'kids' - and while I hate using that term even in relation to young prospects, that's what Virtanen was when he was drafted, and seems to have remained for a few years post-draft.  

I wish the best for the young woman - and if the right things are done - for Jake as well.

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The Jimbo haters out there....please go outside and try and improve Your life so your happy with you own self. You people are very transparent that your not in a good place with yourself.


If you need anti depression help plz get it.


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Imagine if JV had finally broken out, & was becoming a steady 25/50pt guy? We'd be even more frustrated at his foolish choices, and/or lifestyle.


Hell with it. Chalk it up as past, & a glaring cautionary/lesson-in-life for all incoming youth..particularly those who ever hoped to run wild & free.


Sure ain't the 1970's anymore. Social media frenzy, 24-7 gotta' be on your toes. Top character is the first order of the day.

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3 hours ago, HC20.0 said:

Eriksson, Roussel, Beagle, and now Virtanen all gone in a week. Benning trying to fix his past mistakes.

But... according to so many on here, Benning has barely made any mistakes during our 7 year rebuild ^_^ :o. All jokes aside, these changes were needed for a fresh start all across the board. I'm happy to see it happen.

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4 minutes ago, Abysmal Moniker said:

Kinda hoping for the unlikely resurrection of Jake on another team, if only to witness how fast the anti-Benning brigade do a 180 degree pivot from "JB wasted a first round pick on an obvious bust" to "JB cut loose an obvious superstar."

Animated GIF

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35 minutes ago, RakuRaku said:

And because we had drafted Jake, we said no thanks to Matt Tkachuk and opted for Juolevi instead... And the rest is history!! What a sad turn of events.... 


Nonetheless I still have faith in Juolevi... He just gotta work on his slapshots from the point and prove that he can bring his junior dominance to NHL! 

If we didn't have Jake, it still wouldn't be a reason to bring in a locker room cancer.  For all Jake's flaws, he still has less character issues than Tkachuk.

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1 hour ago, sassbs said:

Glad we invested a new contract in this bieber loving fool instead of tofu! 

That was so disappointing. Obviously hindsight is 20/20, but I still really miss Toffoli. Fit in so well here. 

As far as Jake’s buyout, kid had all the tools but just couldn’t put it together. Hockey is as much of a mental game as it is a physical one, and Jake just didn’t have the right mentality.

Best of luck in your future endeavours Jake, but if the allegations are true I hope you pay dearly for it. 

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